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Sorry, no pics with this blog. I'm kinda stuck in this 'I feel like it should be spring but I'm cold and uninspired' phase. Oh ya, and my roots are killing me, back to blonde on Saturday. Yeah, Barbie time!

Just thought I'd give a few little updates on previous posts. In Trippin', I wrote about my and 'S's adventure to Target. She got the bling Erickson Beamon ring and reported to me that it broke within two days. Boo to crap quality. On the bright side, she now has a Christmas ornament...

In Hungover, I went a little bananas at the Winners end of season sale and I felt kinda sick with guilt. I vowed to stop shopping in March, except for vintage... How did I do? Well, I'd say I got a C+, which is good in a 'I'm not going Ivy league but I'll be fine' kinda way. I got two huge hauls at Talize (does not count; vintage), a pair of shoes (I had US money left and I didn't want to lose when I switched it back...), a t-shirt and tank (super cheap, for layering), a necklace (cheap too) and those Erickson Beamon earrings (limited time offer). Most importantly, I only went into Winners once, to get a baby gift. I'm proud.

In Don't Mess with the Zohan, I went shopping with my buddy 'L' for a mother-of-the-bride outfit for her mama and we got super bad service in high-end stores. 'L' unleashed her fury and sent scathing emails to Holt's and Andrews. Andrew's apologized and said the employee (who apparently never had a complaint in 10 years) was so embarrassed that she offered to resign. 'L' wrote back saying that was a little dramatic, she just wanted to remind them of the laws of customer service and no thanks to an invite for a do-over. Holt's responded too. They offered an apology, a personal shopper, free lunch at their cafe, valet service, 25% off and a pleasant shopping experience. Because they were merely tactless, not downright rude, this offer was accepted. Hopefully, 'L's mom gets such a lovely dress that she outshines her daughter. Actually, hopefully not, since I'm making 'L's dress and it better be fabulous!

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Linda said...

hey! No outshining. I dont like your tone "it better be fabulous". What you mean is "it will be fabulous"!