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Please Don't Cheat on Me


Trouser jean? Fidelity, Winners
Top? Cha Cha Vente (what?), Winners
Belt? BR
Flats? Old Navy
Knit cap? French Connection
Bangle? Urban Outfitters...$1.

Ugh... the weather is still so chilly that my dresses, shorts and skirts hang sadly in the closet and I again reach for jeans.....

I just spent all day invigilating exams. I have to stalk around the room and watch like a hawk that people don't cheat. Don't even try to switch water bottle labels or tape answers into your skirt ... I will bust your #%*!!! Haha. Sometimes time passes very slowly, so to keep it interesting, I survey the outfits worn. There was a lot of post-secondary schlep today... you know... track outfits, crocs, socks and sequined flipflops (for real)... The girl who wore the sports socks with the sequined flipflops was all embarrassed because she had run out of the house without checking her feet. I laughed and told her it was fine, but I didn't mean it. She had track pants on too; three strikes... However, because the exam is a big deal and she probably hasn't showered or slept in days, I'll let it slide. So generous...


Wanderlusting said...

Wow - you look stupendous in that beret...lucky girl!

Cheers x


Linda said... many different jobs do you have exactly? I read about something new on your blog weekly....theres nothing like a room full of stressed out post sec students to make you feel like Gisele Bundchen in a room full of Susan Boyles...i kid
Love the trousers I have a similar pair, but there is a rip in them and they are in my "mending pile"

Rachel H said...

Hahaha too funny. Emily (Loopstra) said to me this morning "I swear I saw Jentine invigilating my exam yesterday..." You really do have a lot of jobs! Lol. I hope she wasn't the one wearing the sequined flip-flops :S

myedit said...

It's not a job, I do it about five times a year as a favour (that pays well). AND I get to wear something something besides my green pants and work shirts... Haha, yeah, I saw Emily. Couldn't say 'hi', I'd get in trouble...joking. Hope she kicks ass!!!