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I Got A Feeling...

june 19 pool

june 19 pool2

One shoulder top? Mexx, Winners
Knit skirt? H&M
Belt? H&M
Shoes? Steve Madden, DSW
Beaded headbands? Claire's

It was supposed to pour last night as part of the continuing trend of rain and greyness but instead it was warm and the first drop didn't fall until after last call. A perfect night to kick off the first weekend of summer.
The leopard print shoes I'm wearing are possibly my most comfortable pair of heels. I could likely run a 5K in them. Or maybe not... I don't even know if I could run 5K in New Balance runners... but you get the point, very comfy. Too bad I soaked them completely playing in the water features. I wore another pair instead to go out and the burning still hasn't completely left my feet. I'd say it was worth it though.

june 19 fountain


Linda said...

Nice Stems...

Kyla said...

That first picture is AMAZING!!! You should totally be a model!

Secondhand Stella said...

Love this outfit!!!!!

Linda said...

A model? I dunno, what would Tyra say about your landscaping hands and farmer tan? lol
Seriously you legs look terr-if-fic

GS said...

Hey I just stumbled across your blog today and after reading maybe 3 posts I had to immediately 'follow' you. (That actually sounds a bit creepy lol)
Anyway, great posts! Your style is awesome :)

myedit said...

Linda-yes landscaper hands but no, not too bad a farmer tan (except the feet a little). And I couldn't remember about tna and I wasn't going to walk downstairs and check. Thankfully, I have you, the editor of my edit.
GS-Thanks for following! Sometimes I think evrything about blogging is a bit creepy but in a good way.

Danielle said...

HOT! Love it!!

Unknown said...

you had a feeling that night was going to be a good night and it waas!
and p.s. the blush covered some tan lines nicely...whoops!