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Too Late

This sucks. I had a clever blog post all laid out in my head but it was not meant to be. I've been covetting a pair of Sam Edelman's at Winners for a few months now but I wasn't willing to pay full price. I knew the price would drop and it did. First down to $74, I waited and then last week they went down to $50. I still stalled. I recently bought a pair of beautiful Derek Lam shoes and I felt that thing called...guilt. Do I really need another pair of freakishly tall and wonderful shoes? When a customer of mine ( a sweet, old lady) gave me a $20 tip for just doing my job, I thought it was a sign that yes, I do need another pair and this $20 will ease the guilt. So, I went back and of course they were...gone. I bought these shoes below instead for my friend's b-day. They are patent leather with real wood heels and they were very reasonably priced. She just had her second bebe but I'm sure she'll work 'em. Giving is better than selfishly hoarding anyways, right? Besides, I have my Derek Lam's which I will debut soon... I feel a bit better.

Oh ya!!! And for my lovely local readers, may I suggest a visit to Buskerfest? It's going to be a gorgeous weekend and you'll get to see street performers from all over the world in the cutest town, Dundas. Nothing is better than summer festivals; lots of people watching, eating elephant ears (calories don't count at outdoor events, really!) and slightly off-colour entertainment. And the perfect day will end with a bevi or two at The Thirsty Cactus or Collins. See you there?