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Annotating My Sources

A few weeks ago Kyla, from Blue Collar Catwalk, wore a scarf like so and I put the image in my brain's 'interesting and inspirational' folder (which has multiplied greatly since I got into this fashion blogging world). When I was at the antique market last weekend I found a handpainted scarf (signed by the artist too!) that was just too lovely to wear twisted twice around the neck. Worn as a giant kerchief, the scarf's design is much more striking.

scarf body

Silk scarf? Antique Market, signed by Millie T (?)
V tee? Target
Grey denim? Target
Studded belt? thrifted
Tie-up sandals? So old from a beach
Paste bracelets? Jewelry booth at The Ex.


Unknown said...

Simple chic look. Pretty scarf, but what I'm noticing is great fitting jeans!

Kyla said...

Thanks for the props! You look awesome and I'm LOVING the colors in that scarf! Well played :)

Danielle said...

Fabulous! and I'm loving your hair!! :)

C said...

I love it!!! This whole outfit is so cute!