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Jacket? Gap, thrifted
Tee? Joe Fresh
Jeans? Seven, Winners
Leather, studded belt? thrifted
Woven purse? somebody Lucca, Winners
Bone bracelet? auction

When I laid this outfit out the night before it was much funner. I was gonna wear these new/thrifted high waisted, just shy of mom-jeans with my strapped boots but I thought it might be too much for class. What is wrong with me? It's never too much... So I just busted out my old, faithful jeans and it works; it's just not as crazy.
I love this $6 jacket. It's true nineties Gap, judging by the fitting and label. It makes me smile because in the late nineties, Gap was my favourite 'designer'. My fleece, Gap v-neck was pretty much haute couture for me.
Looking back at the outfit pictures, I think the urn upstages me. Tyra would not be proud... That's OK, I like my urn. I recycled the stuff from someone else's urn and with a little spray paint and some pansies, it's all new. Sometimes, it's ok to share the spotlight...

Oh ya and my prom challenge is done. I just need to shoot it...which may take a wee bit...


Linda said...

Yes....Gap was all the rage. That and Northern reflections. I had to wear a uniform in high school but when we had "civies days" I would bust out the polar fleece pullover in baby blue. This one girl had a baby pink one, and had the colour because she got it at baby gap...we were all so jelous...especially us fat kids..
Then in makes me think back to univ when you gave me those Gap jeans during my "tranistion", they were the best jeans ever! Then they got too big for me and I had to say goodbye.
Anyways, I am holding my breath until you post the prom challenge so do it soon before I die.

C said...

I love this look! That jacket is too fab for words, and you've perfectly mastered the cuffed/distressed jeans look. Tres chic!

Shauna said...

I love the urn - can you come and do mine (the urn that is)

Unknown said...

you're so lucky your dad didn't take your ripped Sevens and throw them out with the weekly love this look :)