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Take it to the Max

Dress? Lida Baday, thrifted
Gold flats? Zara, old
Belt? inheritted
Eelskin clutch? thifted
Anchor earrings? forget the designer's name but it's from Essentia, the little store that couldn't... it's gone now.

Let me count the ways I love you new dress!
1. It's a maxi dress that's actually long enough for me(I'm good Dutch stock at 5'11). Most maxi dresses are just a touch longer than a midi on me, kinda ruins the effect...
2. It's not too trendy, it's classic. Maxi dresses easily look their 'age', this one is age defying, like that Oil of Olay stuff. Hopefully, in ten years, if everything hasn't shifted down four inches, I can still wear this dress and it will look as relevant as it does today.
3. It's Lida Baday and it was $6!!!!!!!!
4. It's thrifted but brand new. I checked it for wear very thoroughly. None.


Danielle said...

Great find!! I want!!!

Elaine said...

SO lucky you found a sleeved maxi dress....


Linda said...