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may 24 3

may 24 2

Wrap dress? Tevrow and Chase, Winners
Shoes? Taryn, Winners
Bag? Beverly Feldman, Winners but gifted
Necklace? thrifted

I love every part of this outfit, that's why it was worth the risk of clambering all over tree trucks to get an outfit photo. I landscape, I gotta protect my ankles, they are my money makers...but I took the risk.
I love the dress because it's sparkly and the cashmere makes it sooo soft. I found it at the end of season sales at Winners, the original tag said $295 but I got it for $36. Lucky me.
I love the shoes because they are made by a former foot doctor and her skillzzzz made these very comfortable. She did good on the design too. Slightly stacked, made of deliciously smooth patent leather and to keep it fun, they have sparkly heels. I feel like Dorothy in Wizard of Oz. When I click my heels... oh crap... I'm still in Hamilton.
I love the purse because I got it as a thank-you gift for being in a wedding party. I admired it at Winners and the bride secretly came back and bought it for me. It made wearing the pink pastel bridesmaid's dress worth it... just kidding, the dresses were red silk and I made my own, so it would be my own fault if I hated it. The purse is also patent leather and it has beautifully embroidered side panels. 4 days after I got the bag, my friend's year and a half old daughter flung RED slushie all over the cotton side panels. I actually had to turn away and do the slow count down from 10 to 1 because I didn't want to get mad over a bag. Breathe... She may not realize the implications now but she nearly lost her spot in my inheritance. There won't be a lot of money to inherit but they'll be some pretty dresses and shoes... Happily, the dry cleaner worked a miracle and my heart rate has since returned to normal.


Unknown said...

Love your outfit, especially the bag. Great blog, and I really like the story behind the bag. Glad that your heart rate is normal lol.

Linda said...

Your hair looks delicious. Tevro and Chase is a good name, very good quality. I didn't post on the other posts because there was no picture of are my eye candy, without a picture of you its just not worth it. :)

Elaine said...

Those heels are ROCKIN.