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Style Suck

Skirt? thrifted, $4
Silk blouse? Joe Fresh, $9
Suede belt? Winners
Peep-toe leopard shoes? Next, DSW
Beaded cuff? gift from Australia

One guess where I got this paisley skirt... it rhymes with Belize... I think it's homemade. I wonder who made it, whether it was hard for them, and most importantly, did they cry? Maybe that's just me who cries when sewing doesn't go my way. Actually, that's not true, the fourth year sewing lab at Ryerson has probably seen more tears than The Notebook. Seriously...

Apparently, this wasn't on purpose, but Matt matched his tie to my paisley skirt this morning. Matt often style sucks from me. He'll see what I'm wearing and come back with a tie to match. It's hard to have style credibility when your husband's pink tie matches your dress and you both aren't in a wedding party. Maybe, it's a sign of a strong marriage, nothing comes between our paisley and us.


Kyla said...

Hehe. Too funny. My husband will immediately change if I point out that we match in some way. Though deep down, I think he gets some sort of gratification knowing that he has a similar style to me :)

Linda said...

Him: orange, Me: yellow....we looked like a sunset...
See you saturday...yay!
ps. Prom challenge???

Danielle said...

LOVE that blouse, and the rest of your look too :)

Anonymous said...

I want to soak your blouse with my cum