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This is The Remix


Jeans? Seven, Winners
Leather bomber? Zara
Silk striped top? thrifted
Booties? Max Studio, Winners
Belt? thrifted
Jewelry? thrifted and gifted


Jeans? Seven, Winners
Leather Bomber? Zara
Cotton ruffle top? gifted
Ankle boots? Some random store in France, leather and $15!
Belt? thrifted
Bracelets? gifted, thrifted and Cu

It's been a little hectic this weekend and since I didn't feel like staring at my disorganized and crowded closet and giving Matt the ignorant 'I have nothing to wear' whine, I simplified. I chose my base for the weekend (jeans, belt, bomber) and worked around it.
I randomly got the ruffled shirt from one of my customers (it was still new!) and I love the ruffles. They are pretty major, like a kleenex explosion. I'm doing my free clothes dance as we speak.
It's a long weekend but I promise to put away my fav Sevens for the rest of the weekend. I'll wear something nice for church tomorrow and well rested, I will think of something completely new for the holiday Monday. Isn't that nice? Haha. If you're in Canada, enjoy the long weekend!!!


Linda said...

If the jeans are comfortable you should wear them to death....that soft fabric is ingenious, so comfy, like a track pant.
Good shopping day yesterday...that husband of your is golden

Danielle said...

Love both outfits, those jeans are hot!!