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Project Runway Finale Party!

On 'E' Tiered dress? ?, Winners
Patterned tights? Winners?
Shoes? BCBG, Winners
Sparkle cuff? h&m

On me Pleated skirt? h&m
Silk top? Liz Claiborne, Winners
Tights? ?
Booties? Maxstudio, Winners
Jewelled bracelets? thrifted and from a craft lady at the CNE
Velvet clutch? thrifted

Me and my sister from another mister, 'E' , went to a party to celebrate Jessica Biffi being in the final three on Project Runway Canada ( I went to university with Jessica and it's been really fun to watch her make it all the way through the show. It was the final episode last night, which featured all the finalists' runway shows and it was also Jessica's birthday, so there was plenty of reasons to throw down. Me and 'E' both had to work early the next morning, so we were rather restrained in celebrating but it was still nice to support.

Things didn't start off so well. A police chase had the highway shutdown and what is normally a 45 minute drive, became a two hour test of patience. We arrived late at the party. The show had already started but thankfully we caught all three runway collections. Quick recap...

Jason- His collection was awkward. His black and gold sequined collection did not do Hamilton proud...
Sunny- Classy and very well executed. As always.
Jessica- The inspiration for her collection was 1930's glamour meets hiphop swagger. A good collection with some outstanding pieces.

Sunny won, I can't wait to see what he does for the Canadian fashion scene. Jessica placed a solid second. And as they say on playgrounds everywhere 'First is worst, second is best...'. Kidding... I'm just supporting my girl Jessica.
My favourite moment of the night was midway Jessica's collection when a flowing ,printed dress came down the runway. The room just burst into instant applause because the gown was so beautiful. I'm sending Jess my measurements right now... It was just a nice moment and a great testament to Jessica's skill.

I can't believe it's been almost three years since we graduated. At least she has something interesting to say when the dreaded 'what have you been up to?' question comes up.

The 'Jessica is a famous tv star' cake!

And finally, to end the night, a stopover at the ever classy McD's. Got some food to keep us awake on the drive home. Turns out that the sound of me setting off my car alarm twice in a row is a good way to stay awake too. Just one of those nights... Thanks 'E' for coming with me even though you had to work at 7am!!! You're a trooper!


Linda said...

Am I fired for not going with you? :(
Yay Jessica!

Danielle said...

Looks like so much fun!! and you look lovely!!!

Linda said...

Completely unrelated know when leggings first came out? And all the fashionable people were wearing them. After about a year you were like "hmm, I think I am done with leggings", but they are so damn comfortable you can't help it? Have you gotten to the point where the one person you would never expect to wear leggings wears them and you think to your self....dear lord, I need to burn my leggings!
I had that today..

Jeff and Rachel Harsevoort said...

I love Jessica! Yay!

RH said...

You girls look great! And it was a great show!
BTW, I thought you were going blonde?

myedit said...

Lin, tell me who pushed you over the edge?
Rosie, I was supposed to go blonde but the mid tones didn't take so well on my dyed dark hair. She was gonna just bleach it out instead but I had to meet Linda for a fitting. Oh well, next time. I'm kinda ginger now huh?

Linda said...

A lady at work. One of those people who wear the "M" jeans, and the other "sevens". One of those people who still wear JLo glitter pieces, and faux fur trimmed cardigans. One of those people who chews with their mouth full.....sent me over the edge!