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Dress? c/o Dream-ers (here) Floral crown? Antique store Vintage cuff? Auction 
*Photos by Julie

Whoa. So this... was fun.
Now, where to start?
Perhaps with an apology again for too many pictures. I think this may be the most I have ever posted. But it was just too much fun...

Now that the apology is complete, I should tell you about the dress. When Yanique from Dream-ers emailed me to ask if I wanted to feature one of her dresses, I immediately spent some time digging around her site. Of course I got distracted by her rather impressive vintage sequin selection but then I found a collection of new but vintage-inspired dresses that she designed herself. This collection, called Dream-ers, heavily features lace, classic silhouettes AND is produced in the States. It took me three days to pick a dress from her self designed collection because I took this dress decision very seriously.
I think I am supposed to act like it ain't no thing when someone sends me a dress but honestly, I was so flattered that Yanique wanted to work with me. She is such a talented designer (and total sweetheart) and I know that it's big deal for a smaller business to reach out to a blogger. I wanted to do both the dress and Yanique justice in featuring them. Especially when I got the lace dress in the mail and it was perfectly made. Yanique was a manager at a Chanel boutique for years and you can tell she knows her quality. Perfect seams, crisp cotton linings, an additional crinoline skirt for extra fouf and invisible zippers at the side and at the neck... you know I'm a sucker for a well constructed garment and all those good little details. This is the kind of dress you pass on to your daughter or your niece...

Click through for even more pictures...;)

A lot of the Dream-ers collection can be interpreted as bridal (scroll through her FB page if you  want to see some unique brides in Dream-ers...) and I am already married and I don't need a wedding dress. But I just knew the tulle and lace would be so much fun to shoot! I thought about asking Matt to join me for a bit so we could have some pictures of the two of us being all fancy to hang in the bathroom (that's normal, right?) but he had baseball. And I can respect his priorities. Besides it was way more fun with just Julie and I. Julie being all pro behind the camera and me, giving it my all (giving it my all = over the shoulder glances obviously), as a runaway woodland nymph bride. Basically I frolicked in nature and Julie worked her magic. We explored the area and played around with different ideas until the sky burst open. It's probably good that it started to pour. It was hard enough editing the pictures down to 16 (16!?!? I am ashamed).

And while this is likely the only time that I will wear this dress running through fields and with a vintage floral crown, I have big plans on changing up the look with a few minor alterations, a vintage belt and some black tights this winter. I am going to enjoy this dress a lot before I ever pass it down to my favourite niece*...


*Don't have a favourite niece, ok? I will draw a name from a hat...:)


MisisD said...

You look stunning and the dress is beautiful!

Kendi Lea said...

DAMN GIRL. Let's run away and get married, k? Matt and B can just deal with it.

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Well, aren't you a little bit of heaven today Yen! The dress is stunning, you are beautiful, and the photography brilliant. I'm in a sewing match right now, and am posting a whopping 15 pics per post, but mine aren't nearly so pretty. Honestly, I love seeing all of these photos. Okay!...I'm heading over to see who has created such a lovely dress. You done good!

JennaStevie said...

These photos are ammmmazing as is this dress!! You definitely did this dress justice, this field and the frolicking are the perfect backdrop for it. And that headpiece is the icing on the cake.
This makes me want to put on my girliest dress and run through a feild

Lovaniez said...

You and this dress are beautiful! Great sun capture as well! Very Whimsical <3

Yanique said...

Yen...first it has been such a pleasure to work with you, and looking at you in the dress, combined with the great photography makes me fall in love with the dress all over again.

Huge thanks for such amazing photos. Love them all.


DressUpNotDown said...

Was that really 16 pictures? Wow, they were all so great I didn't even notice. In fact, I was disappointed when I reached the end and thought, "What, that's all?"

You have totally made me want to find a vintage wedding dress to wear out on my Anniversary!

I love your style to bits!

Wanderlust And Such said...

The last picture is absolutely stunning of you! The little flower crown makes this look, by the way. Lovely.


laniza said...

I agree with DressUpNotDown! I couldn't even tell that there are 16 pictures, they're all so gorgeous! I can't wait to see this remixed again and again.

Unknown said...

Wow, I love these photos and you look so stunning. I'm glad you shared more photos than you typically do because these are just too pretty not to share with the world. I love the different hairstyles featured and that dress looks so beautiful on you. Very ethereal, makes me want to frolic in a field with a pretty dress (in heels though, not crocs :) heheh)

gleeps said...

Bravo! Everything about this post is stunning. I've learned so much from you via your years of blogging -- i.e. a necklace is not always the way to finish off an amazing look; a flower crown and a cuff bracelet can get the job done beautifully.

Sofia H. said...

Can we talk about how insanely gorgeous you look in these pictures? *dramatic hand gestures

amandromeda said...

i'd take a threesome with you and kendi. that cool? because flakdhgalknlglaknglkangklhlbnla you look so gorgeous!!!!!!! what an amazing dress.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful dress! And of course, beautiful woman

Sydney said...

This is such a gorgeous shoot and that dress!!! Ohmyjeez! That dress is incredible. I had never considered getting married in a short dress but Damn! I don't know now.

Van Nguyen said...

The dress is already beautiful. You made it extra special with the finishing touches (vintage floral crown, hair and cuff). The photos are gorgeous in of itself.

Erika said...

Beautiful! Love the dress, love the setting, love the pictures, everything! Great post.

Rosalie R. Ortez said...

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Nancy J. Isom said...

ammmmazing just like this dress!! You certainly did this dress equity, this field and the skipping are the ideal setting for it. Furthermore, that headpiece is the what tops off an already good thing. This makes me need to put on my girliest dress and gone through a feild. For quality dress go here boutiqueken