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Summer Fun


Skirt? Old Navy, thrifted Shirt? h&m Shoes? Coach 
Aviators? RayBan c/o SmartBuy Glasses (here) Pics By Elisha, thanks lady!

This summer has been busy and hectic. I know that Matt misses me when I am away because the last time I was gone, he spent part of the holiday Monday at the mall. The mall! He hates the mall.
I thought we could make up for lost time and spend a fun day together, so I booked stand up paddle boards to go down the Grand River last weekend. You know, spend some quality time and be all athletic.
Let's be honest, the 13 km (I believe...?) paddle down the river is not something that requires either skill or athletic prowess. Basically, if you live nearby, you need to do this asap. At one point we passed 6 middle aged ladies who tethered their 3 canoes together; they were eating junk food, smoking cigarettes, drinking beer and having juicy conversations worth eavesdropping on. They didn't touch a paddle once the entire time we were near them... They were doing it right.
I tried stand up paddling a few weeks ago on a lake (and freaking loved it!!!) but maybe the Grand River isn't the best place to SUP. The river has a very mild current but it gets really shallow and rocky fairly often and if my balance is off and I fall (no shame...) there was no way I wanted to fall in a shallow, rocky river bed. So we mostly did the lazy thing and lay on our boards like they were personal tanning beds and leisurely dropped a hand in the river every once in a while to correct the course of the board as needed. I told you, pure athleticism.
My dumb move of the day was forgetting cutlery at home. So when we stopped mid-river cruise for lunch, we had to get creative in order to eat our salads.
I did make some smart  moves though. I didn't wear my brand spankin' new aviator sunglasses on the river because it would be just my style to lose them in the water the same week I got them. I also didn't Instagram from the river. As much as I wanted to show off the riverside views and my lazy paddle board form, it just seemed safe to keep electronics in the water proof bag provided with the boards.
It sucks because now that Instagram has video, it would have been funny to let you in on the conversations that the 6 ladies in their canoes were having...;)


Sophie said...

Sounds like you had an amazingly fun day! Old ladies have the best conversations!

Frannie Pantz said...

Yeah, I wish I could see/hear those ladies. In fact, if I would've heard their phone numbers, I would have no shame in calling them up and making them my immediate BFFs. I love your pencil skirt Jentine! So great to have adventures with your hubby--even with the mishaps.

Sofia H. said...

Lady, what is that gorgeous lip color you are having? I must know!

Anonymous said...

Love the blue jean skirt, such a classic summer look. Never goes out of style or does it?? Can't get rid of mine for some reason. TGIF

JennaStevie said...

Sounds like such a fun way to spend the day, I would love to lazily canoe down the river!! I've been white water rafting and that was pretty fun, but a bit more intense.
Love this look, so summery and fun. This denim skirt rocks!

his_girl_friday said...

I should give paddle boarding a go!

abby said...

Every time I float the river in Texas I (accidentally?) eavesdrop on middle-aged lady conversations -- they are always the best.
a geek tragedy

Effortlesslady said...

Simple but chic look.

Linda said...

Remember the days when we werent saying "I NEED to instagram this!"?