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Polyester Success


Dress? Vintage, thrifted Shoes? Aldo Cuff? Vintage, auction Clutch? Thrifted Earrings? Bebe

Sometimes polyester gets it just right. I mean, most of the time, I'm like 'poly what? Pass me the silk.' But then this dress comes along and I am humbled into turning down the snobbish attitude a little.
And I'm also not a fan of most draped cross-front bodices or cut away sleeves and yet, in this dress, it all comes together in some magical way and creates one of the most flattering dresses I have ever owned.
I got this dress at the same time that I thrifted the Barbie dress. I hit the jewel tone dress jackpot that day at Value Village. I bought the Barbie dress, this lovely piece, a pink silk wrap dress and a royal blue Lida Baday wool sheath dress for Julie. I don't wanna brag (code for: yes, I do wanna brag) but the Lida Baday dress is from the 2012 season and was up until recently available for $350, down from $950. So I thrifted Julie a $1000 dress?
Indeed (pats self on back). But she takes my pictures regularly, listens when I talk about nothing and most importantly, brings wine to my front porch...


Sophie said...

Wow this dress was made for you! Some people have all the luck eh?! The colour is gorgeous!

Holly said...


Ladies in Navy said...

this dress is so pretty on you
kw ladies in navy

Anonymous said...

Totally blown away by the beauty of this dress, it was made for you, you look stunning in it!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

abby said...

This dress is beautiful. I love the petal split sleeve.
xx Abby | a geek tragedy

Unknown said...

WOW! What a gorgeous dress! Love those earrings too!

Leigh Kramer said...

Great find! Love the color and the draping.

Jessica Gitler said...

it truly is a stunning dress and could not look any better on you!!
Jess Cause Blog

Kastles said...

haha your funny as always :)
Love that blue on you! That dress reminds me of Halston Heritage, so good!
<3 Kastles

Anja said...

this dress looks so wonderful, poly and all. Very pretty color as well and I love your accessories and hair with this look.


gleeps said...

This dress is perfection! Yet again you amaze with your brilliant choice of accessories. Most folks would probably reach for a necklace, but the dress is ever-so-elegant with the statement earrings, vintage cuffs, clutch, and the sandals that are a nod back to the earrings and to the clutch. Bravo!

Amber said...

I love how you accessorized this dress!!! What a great color for you!!!
Oh, and I'm still in love with those shoes =)


Anonymous said...

This dress is so stunning on you! Amazing color!

Xo, Hannah

Unknown said...

That dress is just absolutely perfect! The color is just gorgeous! You are going to have to post a link when Julie wears that dress because I bet it is just as stunning! Score of the century, it sounds like!


Rebecca Jane said...

Beautiful dress! So so pretty. ANd I love those crazy earrings too.