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Turn that Frown Upside Down

I am behind on life and posts and really, everything. If I were a news station I would now be reporting that Kim Kardashian had a baby. That is how behind I feel. Ah well. As my mother would say 'such is life...'.

So before we get to talking about my time in Texas and all kinds of other posts I am slow at, let me just post part two of the outfit I copied off Merl.


Skirt? Thrifted by Merl Top? AA (here) Shoes? DvF Necklace? Clyde's ReBirth (here) Clutch? h&m

You know, I don't often do day to night looks... and I don't try to milk an outfit into two posts too often either (though I have) but when Merl gets behind the camera to take your picture, you suddenly have a problem editing the pictures down. Seriously, she makes you feel like you have got it going on. There are people all around going about their day and she's yelling at you about how good you look and how you need to hold still because that is 'the shot' right there. And it kinda gets to your head and you ask the next person walking by to get you a sparling water with a lime.
Not a lemon, a lime, you plebeian.
Of course no sparkling water ever appears.

But seriously, shooting outfit pictures with Merl is a ton of fun. I can tell because there is a whole lot of genuine smiling happening in the pictures...


Unknown said...

This look is too cute!! That slit is everything!!! You have such a lovely smile.

Unknown said...

Love the skirt! I think a cropped top + longer skirt is such a classy look. You pull it off perfectly!

Lexi said...

I am so behind lately! But you do look fantastic! (And no worries - Kim K. still hasn't taken the baby out of the house, so maybe it doesn't count if you missed it?)
xx lexi @ glitter, inc.

Anonymous said...

Oh Merl is such a blessing! You look absolutely stunning, love the little mix of prints!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Sophie said...

God girl you're looking fine! Rocking that crop top like a babe!

SincerelyMissJ said...

that is one sexy skirt

Leah said...

Dang girl! You look hot in that crop top!

Veronika Novotny said...

Yen, you look SO gorgeous!! Love that first shot and the outfit is fantastic. Go Merl... I'm thinking I need to nab one of her fantastic jewelry pieces. Love your necklace!!

Sad to have missed Austin this year. But excited to see your posts! Judging by your instagram it looks like you had a FAB time!!

By The Shore

Jennifer said...

I love this! The peak at your mid drift makes it super sexy but it's so subtle that it's still really appropriate :)

xo Jennifer

Linda said...

You are hereby required henceforth to smile in every blog post as you did in this one, cause you look amazing and with a lil twinkle in your eye.

E said...

Ah, I loved this look immediately when I saw it on instagram! Everything looks like it was meant to go together - from the necklace right on down to the perfectly-slitted skirt!

Stephanie Loudmouth said...

This is such an awesome outfit and you look great in it! Fantastic bod!

abby said...

Ah, I love having someone else take my photos. The crop top is fabulous, I love it.
xx Abby

sohirach said...

oooh! love everything about this!

also, I have a giveaway going on! super easy to enter if you are interested! check it out!! :)

love, rach.

Tanvi said...

You kinda look super hot here! (;