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To Bare Arms


Top? Vintage, thrifted (exact one in white or similar in mint) Silk skirt? Vintage Alfred Sung
Shoes? French Connection Clutch? Thrifted (similar here Bracelets? Vintage and made from vintage

It's that time of year when I start looking at the calendar and mentally noting how many weeks I have left for both bare arms and bare legs. I will (obviously) push bare legs as far as I can but the freedom of having these bare appendages without also putting on a brave face is limited. 
And since we are way too close to September for my liking, I don't want to waste any warm days we still have left. I love blazers, heaps of crunchy leaves and well, that's it really, but I can wait a little while longer for either of those... Right now I will exercise my right to bare arms. 
Eh... that was weak. But when you are wearing a sweet sequin vest and a silk scarf style skirt, the written portion of a blog post is really not that important. I hope...  


Nastassja said...

Your writing is excellent and I always look forward to the text. This post did not disappoint. The sequence is good too :)

p.s. here in South Africa, September means Spring - so we get to bare our arms (finally!).

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

LOL: "Eh...that was weak" - it's never weak!! You're so comical and your writing is awesome. I come here for the writing, the pictures are more of a bonus! :)

Maggie said...

Your hair looks great!

Ashley J said...

Love this outfit!

Ladies in Navy said...

great blouse! so sparkly
kw, ladies in navy

Anonymous said...

This exactly THAT time of the year! You push it as long as you want sweetie cause you look so fab!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Hannah Nelson said...

I am loving that top so so much. You bare those arms girl. Haha


Jessica Cobb said...

I am IN. LOVE. with this Also, you are getting really good at mastering the side slit skirt picture!

On a sequined note, a few weeks ago I found a vintage pleated satin maxi skirt at Goodwill that was covered from waist to floor in colorful sequins. All I could think was "Jentine would be going crazy with glee! And Jentine would know how to wear it."

Also, your writing is amazing! I was just telling my bloggy partner about your writing this week and talking about how it has inspired me to inject more personality into the posts that I write.


Unknown said...

LOVE this thrifted skirt!

ThriftyParka said...

STUNNING pics!!! I love everything you are wearing. You thrift really great stuff.

Lora Conrad said...

I think this is one of my favorite outfits of yours! I love how the stop and scarf skirt work together. Having amazing legs helps, too. (ow ow!)


abby said...

Arm-baring season lasts until October or November in Texas. I am not pushing autumn right now because I still want to wear skirts, for as long as possible. I love this outfit of yours -- so fabulous.
xx Abby | a geek tragedy

his_girl_friday said...

Not me! I'm counting down the days to fall with anticipation!

Rebecca Jane said...

That top is fabulous. But then again, I'm like a magpie, I always love anything that sparkles.

brenna said...

That first photo is just stunning. Isn't it funny how in April we get excited for "warm" weather, but come September the same temps have us piling on the sweaters and scarves?!