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Sewn Up

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Sequin jacket? Vintage Coat? Vintage Collar? Vintage Pants? Joe Fresh Boots? Modern Vintage 
Necklace? Clyde's Rebirth (here plus I have one left at The Edit) Clutch? h&m

A lady shared with me this week that she wore her pants so tight that she used to sew herself into her skinny jeans on the bus on the way to school (back in the 70's or 80's?... I don't know and I knew better than to ask). At some point she decided the sewing was too much work and used double sided tape to keep her pants in place instead. Basically she lived life on the edge. She made me pause for a moment to appreciate the 3% lycra in all my skinny jeans. 
I can't imagine a scarier feeling than going about your day with your pants kept in place by some tape. 

Errrr, on second thought and after watching some Olympic updates, I definitely think luge looks scarier than potential public pants splitting... Pretty much any winter sport actually. Hence, I've been playing it safe in my trackpants, watching as much as I can of the Olympics (which is not from the safety of my couch. You as well? 


Veronika Novotny said...

Wow, pants sewn on?! I can't imagine and my GOD this outfit is so, so good!! Like I'm drooling into my morning coffee good! You're a beauty, Yen!! xoxo

Rebecca Jane said...

I can't imagine sewing myself into pants, oh man. ANd I have to say, I think skeleton looks even scarier than luge. Head first at top speed down an ice chute? Yikes!

Love the sequin-encrusted jacket, of course.

FabEllis said...

LOL! Wow! Pants sewn or taped together is a scary thought. I'm sure I would have busted out of them at some point during the day.

On another note, you look fabulous. Love the fur with both outfits.

Anonymous said...

Oh my! I've never heard of anything like that! I mean apart from Marilyn Monroe who was sewn into her fitted dresses, but pants? wow! I'll appreciate spandex more from now on! I love that jacket, is super glam!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

KDot said...

I can't watch luge - too ridiculously scary.

Jennifer said...

I am so in love with this look!

xo Jennifer

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SHOEGAL said...

My Godmother worked in a girls' boarding school in the 80s, and her girls there would lie in the bath, in their jeans, to shrink them to fit. I guess you would buy them not pre-shrunk in those days?

Orchid Grey said...

it makes me think of that frame in Dazed and Confused where the two girls are pulling up a zipper with pliers. oof. Also, this outfit...I'm just in love.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, nothing seems more foolish than sliding quickly over a hard surface with knives strapped to your feet, AKA ice skating. But I have more nightmares about public pants splitting given that I don't ice skate, skeleton, or luge, but I do wear pants, daily, in public. Love the whole outfit, but the sequin jacket is a dreamboat.