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Shoes? Land's End (here on sale) Jeans? Old Navy (similar but cuter here)Pea Coat? Vintage 
Scarf? h&m 60's Clutch? Vintage (at The Edit) Hair elastic? Shoppers Drugmart

Retail is kind of ridiculous. Despite my kinda shaky footwear choice (I did a lot of internet research on the perfect animal print loafer and settled on these. They arrived last week and are great quality, have quite good foot support and they were on sale so I was excited to wear them ok?), it definitely is still winter. 
I have dinner waiting for me in the slow cooker at home and I look out the front window of the shop and I see big fat flakes falling from the sky. Again... And yet, though it is as wintery as a bear hibernating, I've switched over the store to put out a lot of spring merchandise. Because people are over spending money on winter. Never mind the fact that an investment on winter boots or a winter coat is never an unwise thing because indeed, winter will appear again next year... 
But I get it, spending any more money on winter at this point just feels like admitting defeat. So sweet floral dresses sit in the window display as snow gently falls all around again*.
All that to say, I took my most wintery stuff out of the shop last weekend, saw this coat and thought 'Huh, this wool navy peacoat with gold buttons is adorable and it never sold. I'm just going to go ahead and wear this today'. And then I did. Because I can. And that's still a novel feeling...;)

*As I am writing this, the snow has just started and everything looks so serene and pretty and I can't even hate. But I will hate in a few hours again. 


Anonymous said...

Perfect leopard loafers, I can't live without mine. Love the jeans, the subtle polka dots are so cute! About shopping for winter items this time of the year, I don't think is such a bad idea, I actually bought a lot of things like boots and a faux fur coat last weekend just because I know winter will totally come back. But is also nice to start preparing for spring, so let's bring on the florals!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Hey Yen! Simple, casual, but oh so, je ne sais quoi chic...You are doing your street a favour, reminding them that spring will indeed come.

Anna Demko said...

I adore your tartan scarf! Gorgeous!

Ladies in Navy said...

this outfit is oh so fab!
ladies in navy

The Suburb Experiment said...

Ha! We just got another 9 inches of snow and it's just so dang purty I can't be mad either. :)

Kayla said...

I love this outfit. Don't be surprised if I copy it. I love my leopard flats as well. A must have!!

Secondhand Stella said...

Ooooo, those shoes are awesome. Land's End is stepping up their game!

Jennifer said...

Adore those flats :)

xo Jennifer

Unknown said...

Those shoes are pretty stellar! And those jeans are so great - love polka dot jeans!


Unknown said...

What an adorable, chic outfit! Love every part of it!

LuLu said...

I have been looking for a pair of leopard loafers ever since spying them on a woman at my office. And this pair is on sale! So Thank You!

Leah said...

Great choice on the leopard loafers! You look great.

Anonymous said...

But where are those awesome sunglasses from?!

Cindy said...

Hair elastic. LOL!