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Weekend Thoughts


Jacket? 60's vintage, Out of the Past Leather pants? Vince, Winners (very similar here)  
Tee? c/o Russell Gibbs Boots? MaxMara (gift) 

Some things to discuss...
1. I'm actually wearing this outfit as I type. This is a novelty for me. Basically if you read this post today and then come down to the store right after you will see me exactly like this but probably with bags under my eyes. 
I don't usually post on Saturdays because the weekend is an Internet slump but I had a talk with myself and decided who cares? I have time now (slow day in the retail world, thanks cruel winter) so I might as well post when I can. Especially since I have been having problems getting consistent posts up this last while...
2. Ignorance really is bliss. I have always (always as in, for two years...) wanted a pair of slim leather pants but figured they were a little out of my price range... And then an evil friend texted me that she saw these Vince leather pants with their $1150 original price tag at Winners for the cost of a high end pair of jeans*. I could not get them out of my head. Considering I spend almost every day in some sort of black pants dreaming of summer days, these seemed like a good investment. And as I said, ignorance is bliss because I could have continued my life with nary a leather pant in them. But once I tried them on it was game over. Don't text me good sales if you love me, leave me alone!
3. Someone gave me these MaxMara booties as a hand-me-down and that's a pretty decent hand-me-down if I do say so myself. I love the elongated toe because I think it makes the booties more dramatic and editorial. However, they are so pointy that I have to get used to them. I'm good in a tricky shoe but until I get used to the toe, I'm a tripping hazard.
4. That is all. Have a great weekend. 

*I think it's one of the last weeks of winter final clearance at Winners. It's usually a mess and there's a lot of junk but there are great treasures to be found too... I left an Elizabeth and James blazer there that was $55. Because I'm generous... I think. 


Merl said...

I changed my mind, that booty is worth at least 150$ in those pants ;)

Gwen said...

Whoa, Nelly! You look stunning. Those pants were totally worth it, I mean, who needs two kidneys, right? Also, I love that T-shirt!

Jane {torontoshopoholic} said...

Um those pants are amazing. And leather pants (high quality ones at that) are so worth the $200 - $300 I am guessing you paid (based on the high end denim price tag). Slam!! (that is the sound of me going to winners to find myself a pair)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE the jacket and pants!!! I am so jealous.

Unknown said...

So jealous of your amazing find!! You look totally model off duty in this outfit! I may be jealous about that as well...

Suzanne said...

Those pants are killer. Did they have any other sizes? I bought some faux leather pants at H&M 2 years ago but they don't remotely look like this. Mind you, I don't have your mile long legs either.

That coat looks like you ripped it straight off of Mrs. Robinson.


DressUpNotDown said...

Oh I'm trying not to be too jealous of you and your pants right now! Waaay back when I worked in a freezing cold office, I dreamed of leather pants on a daily basis. Sad thing is, right before taking said job I passed up on a pair at TJMaxx thinking I'd never wear them. I have been searching in vain ever since!

myedit said...

Suzanne- This was the only pair I could find... Lucky break:)