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Memory Lane

Skirt? Alice and Olivia Top? Vintage Over-the-knee boots? Holt Renfrew Clutch? Hilary Radley 
Coat? Vintage Scarf? h&m

I was sorting through some of my old jewellery and knick knacks the other day and I had to laugh. Mostly at myself because I hold on to the most random things for emotional reasons. Like tiny bobby pins with flowers on them from Ardene's. Back in the day, my friends and I would hang at the mall almost every Saturday and sometimes (money permitting) we would split the '10 items for $10' deal at Claire's or Ardene's so we could get maximum glittery stuff for minimum cost. But these particular bobby pins I loved enough to pay full price for. I had forgotten about those bobby pins long ago but seeing them again, reminded me of how proud I would be to wear them and how I would carefully put them back on their cardboard holder so as not to lose a single one. 
I also found these slightly tacky gold plated dangly earrings I got as a hand-me-down from a friend; at the time I thought they were just so grown up... My dad told me I couldn't wear big dangly earrings until I was 16 and by that time of course, I wasn't really into them any more. But I kept them because the memory of me pining away to be 16 just makes me chuckle..
What also made me laugh is that the little journey down memory lane as I sorted my stuff could now almost be considered a vintage hunt. If the technical definition of vintage is something that is over 20 years (though some people define it as older and that's totally fine...) that means that any jewellery I got before I was 10 is now vintage. Basically past Yen was not a sentimental fool with emotional attachments to everything, she was simply thinking ahead for future Yen who would have a vintage store.
Though I doubt the flower bobby pin market is booming. But you never know what will come back... 


Anonymous said...

Lol I used to do that at Claires with my friends too! We used to buy the funniest things, wonder where are those now! On the outfit, you look so so elegant, both the top and skirt are great pieces!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

Unknown said...

loving all the gold, and i recently got my old jewelry box back from my parents. so many ridiculous treasures


Unknown said...

Precious memories of silly teen jewelry – this post totally brought me awhile ago.
I love your outfit! The skirt is awesome, and you can't go wrong with any knee-height boots.
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Suzanne said...

That top is STUNNING! Is it itchy?


jentine said...

Suzanna- Indeed it is a little but I have high tolerance;)

Anonymous said...

that shirt! Wowza!

Rachel Frend said...

I used to live for the Claire's 10 for $10 sale, I've purchased so much stuff from them in the past it's crazy. And of course 99% of it I don't have anymore because it either A) got lost or B) broke/tarnished because it's $1 jewelry.

That top and that skirt together are gorgeous!

DressUpNotDown said...

Ah yes, splitting the 10 for $10 with a friend, good times. I still have a looooong black multi-strand necklace from one of those purchases that I still wear. :o)

mispapelicos said...

Absolutely perfect.
Thank you so much for the inspiration.

Unknown said...

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