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Beating the Blues

Coat? Vintage (given to me by a friend) Hat? Step Cat Leather pants? Vince Necklace? Vintage 
Top? Mexx, thrifted Loafers? Land's End (on sale here)

Oh February, you are bringing me down. Just in a little funk over here. Annoyingly long story short, things are not happening exactly how I want them to happen, exactly when I want them to happen. What is up with that? Oh wait, I believe that might just be life.
And yet, despite the fact that I got some whine in my system, I am shockingly smiley in these pictures. That's probably because I was spending the day with my Mama and she was given me some sass while she was taking my picture. And probably because I knew I had the most amazing sequin dress in the back of my car right at that moment. You know I love sequins and this dress (just wait... I hope to have an occasion to wear it sometime soon, or I shall have to wear it for no occasion...) mayyyy even top this skirt or my pailette sweater...

My mama and sequins, turning my frown upside down since 1983 and 1996 respectively... 


Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

:S I hope things start turning around for you, and hope it's not The Edit that's bringing you down. I'm sure it's very stressful, opening up your own business and paying rent and being so responsible yet following your dreams. My parents were in business for 23 years and I have heard a LOT about stressfulness and owning a business (um, every night at the dinner table), so although I'm not 'there', I can empathize.

I think about you often, Yen, following your dreams and opening this AMAZING, PERFECT FOR YOU business. It's so fantastic and so admirable. Hope you are keeping afloat and that things start turning around (in whatever way you're referring to).


Terri said...

LOVE the red and leopard print. I hope things pick up for you soon!

Unknown said...

I LOVE THIS OUTFIT SO MUCHHHHH. I want everything you're wearing and I love how much you're smiling. This is styled beautifully and I love that you mama took these photos.

DressUpNotDown said...

I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see the new dress. It might top the sequined skirt??? Woah, really I might just fall off my chair! :o)

Jennifer said...

What a pretty coat!

xo Jennifer

Veronika Novotny said...

Yup, here that. Things don't always go as planned/the way we want them to. If you lived closer you can bet we'd be exchanging tales over BIG glasses of wine!! ;) As for the outfit, oh man, just ridiculously perfect. And that hat is just the darn best topper, ever!! xoxo

his_girl_friday said...

March is here! And I love that red. Works well with the snow!

sis said...

gahhh life! so annoying. when do we get that chance to pause, have a brain vacation and then return to all things and decisions with a clear thoughts and decisiveness?! oh, never? okay then.'s odd though that these questions never seem to cross my mind april through october

your mama took beautiful pictures and I love how you styled the grey, black and pop of red.

keep warm and your sights set on the sun.

Unknown said...

SO cute! Love your red coat :)

Jessi said...

Just found your blog! You are the cutest thing and I just love your style!! Plus, I'm pretty jealous of your amazing vintage collection!
Keep it up!!