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Sell Out






Skirt? Thrifted
Shirt? Industry, Winners
Boots? Aldo
Jacket? Costa Blanca (?... I know...)
Clutch? Thrifted
Necklace? from The Last Hurrah sale

And from now on the year 2010 shall be referred to as the year I sold out.

It started this summer when I finally got a cellphone. After 26 years of stubbornly refusing to own a cellphone, I gave in and joined the rat race. I never thought I would want one; my weekends were always busy and I hated all those people who couldn't give eye contact because they were too involved with texting. And now I can't give eye contact because my friends are sending me pictures of toilets at the side of the road with 'free' signs on them. That's funny shit... I am glad I'm not missing out.

My selling out continued when I joined Weardrobe this year as well. I have always resisted joining the fashion networking sites because I was afraid that it would feel even more like high school (as blogging already feels sometimes a little like a prom queen race...) and I would get caught up in the 'likes', 'hypes', hearts and girl scout badges. It ended up not being that bad, it was fun checking out what other's were posting but I'm still not quite sure I 'get' what the whole thing is about. I will always feel like I am one pair of fakey glasses away from being featured.

And now it seems I've joined Twitter. I don't know why I'm so nervous about all the social media... as always, I am a few years behind the curve. Maybe I am nervous because I put a lot of effort into this old blog (I really do) and I am worried I will squander all my clever here and I will be left with nothing good to say on Twitter. I hereby pledge that if there is nothing to say, I will not Tweet my dinner and I will never use the words 'yummy' and 'nom, nom, nom'...

I told my little brother that I joined Twitter and he was disappointed in me. According to him Justin Bieber is on Twitter, so I am not allowed to join. If I can't do anything Justin Bieber does, then that squashes my dreams of having my own licensed nail polish line... Hear that? That's the sound of my dreams falling away. I am not quite sure how this whole Tweet business works but if you want to infiltrate my life further, feel free to move into my cold attic or follow me on twitter.

In other news, I really love how the colours came together in this outfit and my Mama thinks my skirt was too short in the back. She may be right... It's a good thing there are now many ways to let me know. She can text me, comment on my Weardrobe or Tweet at me. No need to talk IRL anymore Mama... (IRL= In Real Life, ok, Mama?)



amanda said...

hahaha!! yeah well i sold out loooooong ago. not ashamed either :) i totally think that a too short skirt is totally justified if worn with tights. and i will follow you on twitter. cuz i can't get enough.

heidiluxe said...

you just blogged my blog anxieties. i had to be bribed by a friend to add a followers list on the side of my blog(all whopping 36 of them). i resisted because i wanted to avoid blogging for afirmation. who knew? turns out i like affirmation.

Anonymous said...

What catches my eye the most about this look, besides the black leather jacket, is the red lipstick. Beautiful! Lipstick is one of the best accessories in my book.

I got my first BlackBerry a couple of years ago for my business. I will NEVER be without a smartphone again. If I've sold out, I've whored myself to the better side. Twittering as a style blogger would be loads of fun. I should set up an account!

. said...

OK NOW I HAVE TO DO IT. My friend Shy just got on Twitter too and she's cool, she's having fun, maybe it ain't so bad. When there's practically no one else left on the planet NOT tweeting, it's no longer selling out, it's social survival.

YES, the color combo is smashing!!

Stella said...

Yay! I will follow you on Twitter 8) <--nerdy face. And I love this outfit. It's just...perfect really. Love the color of the shirt and the skirt. I want!

Dylana Suarez said...

Amazing jacket. Looks so electric with the pop of yellow!


Nadine said...

I totally thought the skirt was shorts. Like an Elizabethan courtier! Awesome!

Twitter but no Facebook?!?!?

Merry Xmas, chookie. Do let me know when you're in Vancouver, and I will go to the beach and wave at you across the Equator, the international dateline, and the Pacific. xo!

LahTeaDah said...

Love the color of your shirt to much! Just in love with it.

great outfit.
great colors.
fabulous lipstick.

Yours Truly

The blog that serves a steaming cup of Tea with a side of Fashion, Glitz, and Humor

read me:

From Suns To Moons said...

Oh man, I'm dealing with the same issues right now. My boyfriend keeps telling me to join Twitter and link the blog to my Facebook, but I'm just not ready for my mom to know, you know? If only SHE hadn't sold out long ago, I'd be safe from her digitally advanced prying eyes.

Rach is Ordinarily Urbane said...

I agree that these colors look great together!

And it's not selling out... it's just presenting more digital distractions :) Off to follow you now!


Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Haha YES!! You got Twitter - wooooot!! Atta girl!! ;)

Boxing day shopping today was SIIICK. Did you go? I hooked a sistah up (sistah = me).

WHy the '?' with Costa Blanca? ... not a fan, I take it? ... I honestly cannot get enough. Is that bad? ;)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

The Suburb Experiment said...

I don't even totally know how Twitter works.

"Get off my lawn you whippersnappers!"


Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Oh man, I just joined twitter last week. I don't get it and it stresses me out but, by gosh, I'm on it.

You remind me of Drew Barrymore in that second last picture. That's a good thing. If they were to make a movie about my life, I'd want Drew Barrymore to play me.

Which in a really weird way sounds like I want you to play me in a movie about me. couldn't fit all of that in a twitter post.

LyddieGal said...

Ah well, you little sell out - I'll totally 'heart' your outfit on weardrobe, cuz I think it's awesome.

Chic on the Cheap

Laura said...

You sell out! :P I think eventually most of us give into technology in the end :) Gorgeous outfit, I love the skirt :)

L x

Secondhand Stella said...

How did you live so long w/o a cellphone? I got mine in 2002 and I thought I was the last one ;)

Love the color of the top. Looks so pretty on you.

Raquelita said...

Maybe if we're friends on twitter it will expedite a meet-up next time I'm in TO. :)

I love that necklace and the shirt, which I see is another of your fantastic Winners scores. I was starting to think Winners hated me, but then I realized that it was my specific and slightly unreasonable quest. Once I did, I immediately found treasures I wanted to buy.

Linda said...

Oh yeah? I just got charges 40 dollars for going over my text limit. I sent 1400 texts last month! What am I? 13 and have a crush on a boy? The majority of the texts are back and forth between someone who sits 6 feet away from me so we can talk shit about a certain nasty boss...
Speaking of which...did you get my text? Should I join your twitter to get in touch with you?

Nana Erin said...

Linda, JOIN TWITTER, mkay?

I resisted as well, but you know what? It's been SUPER FUN. And I had a built in circle of friends from blogging when I joined so it was INSTA friends. PLUS, I really credit Twitter for getting me so hooked on Suze of Miss Vinyl Ahoy, and she's my favorite! <3

Ms. Falcon said...

lovely colours in this outfit...

hope you had a fab christmas...

Juls said...

great outfit!

haha i think we have all sold out at this point. I like the idea that twitter is wrong cause justin beiber is on it. smart kid!

rlutz said...

I love the pop of yellow with that top and cool necklace...
I am not sure I "get" the whole twitter, that makes me feel old!!

SWF_Terra said...

Oh man, I started on Weardrobe and then quit. It felt like too much upkeep. Perhaps I am wrong?

The skirt is adorable. And I particularly love the way you mashed these colors together. They aren't intuitive. But they go so well.

Ooo, Twitter. Hyper-connection has been initiated. Tell your brother that Twitter is only bad if you FOLLOW people like Justin Bieber. Stick to things like Roger Ebert and NPR and you'll retain cool points.

Mandy said...

That bubble skirt is adorable! (ok I hope it's a bubble skirt, if it's not I really like it anyway).

Unknown said...

this look is AMAZING! all the way down to the lipstick choice! LOVE!


AsianCajuns (Cath) said...

The skirt is definitely not too short. I mean, I wouldn't wear it to work, but it looks too good on you not to keep - i can't believe that it's a thrift store find.

welcome to the world of twitter. I had to admit that I don't use it a lot for AsianCajuns, but I've found it useful for the company I work with.

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

you are adorable. i could seriously read your semi-sarcastic prose all day long. you are my favorite. true story.

i love this outfit. a lot. i really love when colors like acid yellow are paired with soft neutrals and then you throw in the's like color/texture nirvana. true story.

also....i am a sell out too. i just followed you on twitter to prove it. i joined maybe 6 months ago....i felt like i kind of had to because "all the other bloggers were doing it." my husband said i was a sell out. he still does. but i actually really like it, because it's a great way to connect with other bloggers, business owners, etc....'re not alone!

Maggie said...

You are so hilarious! I'm guilty as charged for cellphone, weardrobe and twitter.

They are all time sucks but most of my favorite things are anyways!

Artfully Awear said...

Your top is my favorite color! J. Crew and I call it citron so I guess that's the official name. Also love the neckace. Congrats on the technology, too!

Linda W said...

I am as pleased as punch that you are on twitter. But you know that already, don't you? When I opened my email when I got off the plane, the first email was a notification that you were following me on twitter. The big news was, of course, that you were on it at all! I think I fainted. But that might have been due to the change in air pressure after the flight.
Didn't your mom get the tweet that you are wearing tights? Your skirt looks plenty long with those lights - and very chic!

No Guilt Fashion said...

I love this outfit. You are always so freaking stylish. I love how the colors go together, and I think that skirt works great with the tights.
No Guilt Fashion

Jen said...

Great post Jentine! You are so funny, I was cracking up while reading this. And I love your grellow top! Grellow is my favorite.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

Hooray for being on Twitter - I'm following you and looking forward to many amusing tales. "I twit" is a great start. :-)

I love the neutrals with the lime here - looking great.

Ramsey said...

It's ok... I said the same thing about facebook, but now I get to read ridiculous junk from all my friends and laugh every day. You are definately not a sell out. I would probably get sucked right in too if I didn't have work and school to force me to use my time for more scholarly ventures. Poopsicles. Lovin' your look. The yellow....oh the yellow. It says happy new year, come on spring, and I feel cheery today all at the same time. That's a talkative shirt.

Emily (tomorrow never knows) said...

what up sista from another mista?
1) before i forget, i love that Danger due to {BLANK} sign.
2) I joined twitter a few months ago. I blame peer pressure from my blogging ladies. I swear the only people i have on there that I know "IRL" are my cousin and her husband who i see once every 5 years so they are practically strangers. I donno man, is it a canadian thing? I try to avoid mentioning twitter in front of real life people because I feel like it's going to be followed by them asking me what the hell im doing on twitter. the answer : i don't really know, tweeting my lunch?
In twitter's defense, I have gotten much closer with some blogging ladies via twitter. it's more personal than exchanged blog comments and sometimes turns into 'oh my god, i am going through the same thing, let's email and chat' which i am all for... sharing my life with complete strangers is my 'raison d'etre' I'm trying to impress you with my french as if it's not completely normal to be a french quebec-er.
SO twitter has been good. I'm going to add you, keep an eye out!
3) cell phones. OY. I only got mine when i was 22 because I was dating my boyfriend and he (along with all my cool cell phoning friends) kept bugging me to get one. I eventually caved and got a cell phone. Obviously 4 years later I can't live without it. And then last year I upgraded to a smartphone. Who DOESNT want to check facebook when they are on the ski hill? come on now. fast forward to last week. lose my stupid phone (actually it's a 'smart' phone, not stupid) and that means that soem slimeball can read all my emails (yikes) and see all my naked pictures... jokes, I delete those of course!
Now ive been phone-less for a week and i miss the convenience... (not to mention all the phone numbers store in the phone) but it's been nice to not be tempted to constantly pull out my phone all hours of the day. oh and did i mention dialup at my parents' place?
Ok this comment is getting a little ridculously long so ill end it with that. dialup.

Kate said...

Hoorah for twitter! I am confident you wont succumb to posting about your dinner (your 'nom nom nom' killed me) although I have to admit, twitter has made me interested in things like this. Like, I would like to know what you eat for dinner (mostly because you're teeny tiny and I should probably be eating what you're eating) Anyway, twitter is FUN, and I think you will make for a very entertaining tweeter! ;) Also, this outfit! I love it! I can't believe your jacket is from costa blanca! It was the first thing I noticed in an "ooh, fancy!" way, so was surprised to see it was from there. It looks great! This is a long comment! Bye!

Anonymous said...

WIBNI U UNA 2 yr mother? That's UNPC.
Still, 831.

Hayley said...

Cute cute outfit and cute blog! I am glad I found it! I am going to try and recreate this one in my closet one day!


Jessie @ Style and Pepper said...

this is one of my all-time fave outfits of yours! oh, and i laughed at and second your sentiment about the weardrobe+fakey glasses (hee)... though knowing that you joined makes it somehow seem just a little less scary. :)

off to go follow you on twitter now! happy new year!

Heather - Inner cupcake said...

I joined twitter pretty recently too, and admit to feeling a little weird about it, but it seems like it can be a way to actually have conversations with people, instead of just eavesdropping on them. And I'll try to avoid twitting about my dinner.

The Honeyroom said...

I love your leather jacket and the pop of color your blouse gives to your outfit! And no I don't think your skirt is too short at all you look fab!!