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Sweater? F21
Shorts? French Connection sample
Shoes? French Connection warehouse sale
Belt? Thrifted
Calfskin purse? ?, Winners

There are positives and negatives to staying at an all inclusive.

On the positive side, the relaxation is pretty maximum. I like to stress... well, maybe I don't like it but it's just an unfortunate natural state for me. But away from the Internet, away from work and away from a house that needs a lot of work, we found relaxation. Until I started to stress that I didn't feel stressed... Ha, Matt is such a lucky guy, right? The vacation didn't go quite as planned, we actually had only 2 days of sunshine; there was a lot of cloudiness and rain going on. But it wasn't snowing and it wasn't cold and my sister-in-law and I became pretty good at cloud tanning by the pool. I'm saying that like it's a skill...

The crappy part of an all-inclusive is that we stay in the big resort complex and really learn nothing at all of the true Dominican culture. To me, Dominican is a place of buffets and towels left folded up into animal shapes... The only true representation I saw of the country was the half hour drive to and from the airport. I sat with my nose pressed to the window (metaphorically pressed to the window because grease marks on windows are one of the few things that makes my stomach turn) peering at the country side. And then from my coddled perspective, all I could see along the drive were sooo many great outfit picture locations. Bright but dilapidated buildings, old roadside advertisements and graffiti walls... a fashion bloggers dream, right? But what to me is an interesting photo opportunity is someone else's real life. And I was just a tourist, an obvious tourist at that (even without the fanny pack), stuck on the bus looking out.


Rachel said...

You are so tan - I'm a Floridian and I'm jealous of that tan! Hope it was a great vacation, even if it was rainy.

Just have to say that I'm coveting that purse. I always covet that purse. I know Thou Shalt Not....and all that, but I just can't help it.

Anonymous said...

Frustrating. Was there no way to break free of the resort?

At least you looked gorgeously leggy for it!

Linda W said...

That just means you need to go back!

Why do you look so glamorous in a sweater and shorts? You make fashion look so effortless when I know it is not that way for the rest of us. I guess that is why I love this blog.

The Auspicious Life

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.
Jane X

Emily (tomorrow never knows) said...

Awww that last part made me want to cry woman!
my matt really wants to do the all inclusive but I would so love to just go explore somewhere down south. he's already done the camping in the mexican jungle with scorpions and crazy shipwreck turned into bars... (with another woman! gasp!) glad you escaped the snow and crap though! (assuming u have snow by now?)

. said...

Aw man. And here I'd poured myself a tiny cup of tea into some china expecting to get all cultured this morning. WASN'T MEANT TO BE.

You look kind of ridiculously incredible in this outfit tho, if it's any consolation. I don't think your legs minded the cloud-bathing, that's for sure!

Secondhand Stella said...

In college I went to Aruba and Curacao and never left the hotel either. I def regret not taking some time to explore.

Love your outfit!!!

Did you find anything good on your thrifting adventure yesterday?

Laura said...

Lovely outfit, I definitely understand the whole stressing thing. I'm very similar... I'm the same with 'I have nothing to do... why don't I have anything to do? I need something to do!'

L x

The Suburb Experiment said...

It's an excuse to go back and soak in the culture. I've done vacations both ways and both are with their merits. All-inclusive means minimal stress as you found out. Experiencing a developing third world country is amazing too! You find out what happiness is because these people have NOTHING and yet are so happy! It's not the things, it's your outlook. Such a revelation.

silvergirl said...

You look amazing and the purse is terrific

compradora anonima said...

I rally like you Style, Love that you wear thrifted stuff

Artfully Awear said...

I'm sorry you weren't able to see more of the Dominican culture. I've been there a few times and it is so colorful and exciting. You look fabulous, though!

I awarded you the "Stylish Blogger Award". Merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

You've just summed up my exact feelings about all-inclusive resorts.