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Behind the Scenes







Skirt? Pink Tartan, Winners
Sweater? BCBG, Winners (worn backwards)
Boots? Aldo
Clutch? Thrifted
Headband? Ophelie Hats, One-of-a-Kind Show

So... taking outfit pictures is usually a huge deal. The production keeps getting bigger. We recently added my little brother (not so little but he'll always be the little brother) to the payroll as personal assistant. In the summer he holds a fan and a Perrier, and during the colder months he is standing by with a parka and moonshine. Matt has acquired a French accent and yells at the other assistant (my former best friend) to hold the light reflectors just so and orders the sun to remain above the horizon. To set the mood we've had Bryan Adams playing his music... one time Mel C. came by too. She sang that one song with him (you know the one), then helped shine my shoes and straightened my lapel. It's a Big Freaking Deal.

Or not. Usually we are on our way somewhere; chasing the sun, avoiding the rain and hating the cold. Matt loves me (he told me once!) and is really supportive of this blog but his interest does not lie in photography. Honestly we take pictures in maximum 5 minutes. He sometimes gets a leeetle bit tired of it all (though he does get into it too...xoxo) and just stands there holding the camera away from him without looking at what he's taking pictures of. Instead he is doing imitations to make me laugh. Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I yell.

This weekend all the outfit photo cards fell into place when we went up to a family wedding. Firstly, we were early! That doesn't happen naturally. Matt fibbed and said we had a 2 hour drive and when we got in the truck, I saw it was only 1.5 hours on the GPS. Sneaky kid. I doubt he planned it like that, but we had time to get off the highway and find a cool spot to take pictures. And we found it when we saw a great little abandoned place along a country road. There was a fresh layer of snow that was yet untouched from the mid-day warm-up and the sun peaked through the clouds for 10 precious minutes. It all worked out kind of magically... the only thing that was missing was the personal assistant. It was difficult clambering up the incline in heels...



Jen said...

Jentine this is such a pretty outfit! I love love love your gold skirt!! This reminds me of the perfect holiday outfit.

eleanor said...

These photos are so amazing. As is your outfit! I love outfits with a back detail.

Your husband sounds like my boyfriend in the outfit photo department - poor guys...


Matt said...

I've never left a comment here before, but I've really enjoyed reading your blog for a while now, and I hope its okay for me to comment! I love this outfit!! All the black with that skirt is just fabulous!! And the headband is just too cute!! :)

Kayla said...

So great. I keep seeing all these bloggers posting photos in snow and it's making me miss living up north!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

amanda said...

why are you so FREAKING adorable? is it just to make me feel bad? well it's working. ok, just kidding. but i do think you are really cute and your writing is awesome and i love reading every little thing you have to say. plus i am totally jealous of your snow :)

Sarah said...

I LOVE that you wore the sweater backward... seems so demure in the front and then sexy-city in the back. Something I never would've thought to do :)

Sofia said...

I freaking adore your facinator. I think I am in love with it. Do you think it will marry me?

thatdamngreendress said...

Really gorgeous! I love snow and sunshine, and when you add some lovely sparkly skirt action in...well...

I adore the gold and black- it's perfect for attending a winter wedding!

Jameil said...

I love this outfit!!

Unknown said...

LOVE your hairpiece, as well as well...your whole outfit!

Julia said...

This is really funny. I mean really. Why are you both gorgeous and funny? It's not fair. And you having that skirt instead of me is a also really not fair. Will you make me one if I bride you with a cat? (Not my cat, my friend's, which is REALLY nice and which you'll love!)

xo Julia

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Lady, that Bryan A. and Mel C. song is the official karaoke song of my friend John and I! That and "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," but that shit's just depressing. And I kid you not, the question I get asked most down here when I reveal that I'm Canadian (it's a big production involving a cape with a giant maple leaf) is, " you like Bryan Adams?"

Anonymous said...

I love whenever you pull out this skirt. It's always a nice look. And wearing shirts backwards is the greatest thing ever. I do it all the time with my v-necks too. So much easier than layering.

- Patricia

Nadine said...

So very, very lovely.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Ooh Miss Winter Wonderland 2010!

I love your stories and these pictures certainly are gorgeous.

Oh! I tagged you in a post. Check it out.

Eleanor ~ Shopping The Closet said...

You are the true definition of triple threat:
1. Gorgeous
2. Stylish
3. Incredibly funny.
In fact, I almost peed myself reading about your assistants.
Pre tripod, I used to make my kids take my pictures...threatening them with all sorts of things if they protested or complained.
Dinners consisting of only brussel sprouts, grounding them from video games, putting them in a cardboard box in front of the grocery store with a sign that says "Free children". Watch out Kathie Lee, I can run a mean sweat shop!

Stella said...

I held in my laughter since I'm at work, but, this is hilarious. I wish I had a personal assistant when I take my outfit pics. Oh, wait. It's usually the dog trying to take the camera from its place. Oops.

You are on my list of Brave Women, going bare back in that snow. Seriously, I see that and I'm already freezing. But the outfit is gorgeous and I wish I had a wedding to go to. But I don't. Not until May next year. :(

Sintomo di creativita said...

I love the boots and the bracelet <3

Laura said...

Lovely picture the snow looks so pretty. Love the skirt it looks so thick and warm :) Your pictures always turn out really good, so those 5 minutes of taking are def worth it :)
L x

Martha said...

I am loving this outfit! I usually take my own pictures, which always involved precariously balancing my camera on something. (Maybe I should get a tripod!) But sometimes my 5 year old acts as photographer/art director/dictator.

Emily (tomorrow never knows) said...

Oh it's so cute he supports you! at least most of the time, right? If I were to ask matt (my matt...) to get out of the car and go walking in snow to take pictures of me on the side of the road, he would probably look at me like I lost my freakin mind. If he played along after giving me a look, then that would be fine. but i think he would just shake his head and walk away.
Anyhoo, he does a great job with the photos! and you are an adorable model.
Oh and that headband is to die for!

LahTeaDah said...

Love the post!

SOunds a little like my Fashion Photo Crew.... goota love the ones that take pictures with such creative juices.... Ha Ha Ha

I think my tripod took better pictures than my husband once.

Yours Truly

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Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Twitter?! What!? Really? DO ITTTTTTTT.
I better be the first to know... or, do I get rights like that? Probably not. Hmph.

First paragraph = LOL.

Second paragraph = I'm ALWAYS late, sneaky for sure, and if not, worked out well.

Third Paragraph = can't remember what I read, but you look great! ;)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Maggie said...

You are hilarious! And that skirt makes me so so jealous!

Hope you had a great weekend.

eek said...

You look gorgeous - I adore that skirt!

Farm Girl Fashionista said...

Perfection...head to toe!! Dying for that skirt!! Great writing as always!! =)

MerciBlahBlah said...

I think it would only be fair if you were to send me that skirt TOOT SWEET.

That is all.


FutureLint said...

Wearing the shirt backwards was such a genius idea! It looks amazing and I love the simplicity of it!

wiley said...

your description of your husband taking your photos sounds so familiar. great to know that my man isn't the only one trying to get a handle on his photography skills.

mitukatie said...

i am always trying to figure out how to wear vintage or vintage inspired headwear without looking costume-y. congrats, girl, you did it!

Dylana Suarez said...

What a beautiful skirt! And that headpiece is just stunning!


Lisa Inglis said...

what a beautiful neckline! love how you're rocking that top.

Pearl said...

Gorgeous outfit!
Cute Blog!


Unknown said...

My heart hurt I love this skirt so much! ~Serene

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I love the black and gold together. Glad the photoshoot worked out for you - the photos are great.

Kate said...

You look so lovely! I love that skirt & wearing the top backwards gives it such an elegant look! I had my boyfriend take my photos once. After about five minutes of me posing/moving around, I asked if he had taken any. "Two" he said. And they were both up high looking down at me from his 6'1 self. I haven't asked him again, haha! That said, there are lots of days I wish I had a photographer instead of me having to face passers-by with my tripod. Awwwwkward.

lawyerdoll said...

I actually GASPED when I saw that first photo of the skirt on you. It's amazing....

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful. The sheen in the skirt against the sheen in the snow. The low scoop in the back of the oop. And the flowers in your the depths of winter. Too good.

LindsFM said...

That last picture is awesome! I love that skirt so much.

emily//the lesser panda said...

I really like your hairpiece and your skirt! I had no idea that your top was a sweater worn backwards! Great way to style it!


Tiffany said...

Your husband sounds like my husband. He always tells me, I'm not a photographer, just a person who takes I love these pictures. The snow is so pretty! Glad I'm not the only one who braves the cold for great pictures!! LOVE that skirt!!

Santina said...

Lovely photos! That headband looks gorgeous on you.

I can't believe you take outfit pics in about five minutes. You are one photogenic lady! It usually takes me at least twenty minutes to get four or five shots in which I don't look embarrassingly awkward!


Louise (Fifth Sparrow) said...

Oh my gosh- if I ever have a winter wedding to go to I hope I look even half as chic as this! Perfect outfit.

Love the photos too, but I think any photoshoot is made better by having some minion standing close with your parka and moonshine! Next time. ;)

Some Korean Website Highjacker said...

WOWNESS! what an awesome shoot and incredible "crew" you have to help you. it's so sweet how they all rally up like that. beautful outfit; that skirt and the headband are ridiculously cute!

just found you through Natasha at required 2 be inspired...girl get that follower button installed. i'll click it. ♥

Anonymous said...

I'll move to Canada to be your assistant. Not kidding. Stunning look, my dear, as always. I love the sunspots on the second photo.

Kailee said...

CUTEST holiday outfit ever. It seriously just makes me so happy. I loooove the skirt most of all!

Unknown said...

So pretty!

Also, you are hilarious.

C said...

This is SUCH an astounding photoshoot. Your outfit is wonderful, the lighting is superb, and you look just stunning!

Phoebe said...

Cute outfit!

kristine [kristine. or polly.] said...

You look like a princess in that outfit. Was that weird to say? Oh well.

Kristine. Or Polly.

Lauren @The Little Things We Do.... said...

oh the things people do for outfit photos :).

it's always raining here, so all my outfit photos are taken in my hallway. not so exciting. maybe i'll get more creative when the sun comes out again.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the shoutout. I'm still waiting on my salary..otherwise the Perrier and fan stuff stops.

Jen said...

This outfit is gorgeous!

kelsey said...

What a beautiful wedding outfit! I love the hairpiece you added.

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