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Fashion Fixes



Tube top? Jacob
Embroidered skirt? nafnaf, Winners
Bag? Kate Spade, newly thrifted with a little TLC from me
Belt? Roots, newly thrifted
Sandals? an Indian import
Necklaces? Cuba (thanks dad for fixing them
Bracelet? thrifted


This tube top was from the super clearance rack at Jacob for $5. I liked the mustard colour and thought it would be a good colour addition to my wardrobe but I didn't try it on. At home I tried it on and realized that the elastic around the top was a little tight and cut into my body, making my armpits look...well...fat. As if any woman needs another body part to lament over... I'm too busy reprimanding my thighs for getting all up in each other's grill, so I don't have time to pick apart and hate my armpits. The tube top was one small step away from the donation pile, but with nothing to lose, I stretched the top over the back of a kitchen chair and left it for a week. It was a slightly ghetto fix but it actually worked, the elastic definitely stretched! Yet while I do love this outfit and the colours look so right (my humble opinion), I don't think knit tube tops are going to be a staple in my daily wear. The next time this piece will be worn is likely come fall, as a layering piece. But for today, the mustard tube top served its purpose and earned its $5 keep.


Secondhand Stella said...

I like the yellow plus black and white combo! Cute skirt!

No, that isn't creepy about the posters. I love old advertisements, etc. I feel like even the most mundane things used to be so much more glamorous back in the day ;)

C said...

The colors in this outfit are so great!! Each piece is so different yet so complimentary to each of the others. I have the same issue with tube tops. They somehow simultaneously cut into my armpits while falling down constantly since my boobs are so tiny. Argh.

jenloveskev said...

you look great! I love the yellow and red combo!!

Linda said...

Gee...nice bag...


Anonymous said...

i know what you mean, i recently tried on something strapless that made my armpits look fat. i didn't buy it. stretching over a chair sounds like something i would do. good idea. glad it worked! love the colors together.

Danielle said...

Love the way you fixed it!! Great necklaces :)

Unknown said...

love the skirt xoxoox

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

You look great--love the sandals and necklace especially.

Bianca C said...

Very pretty! I love all the colors, and am particularly fond of your necklaces!

Unknown said...

Love the color combo of yellow and blk!

yiqin; said...

Ah the yellow pops out so nicely

Eyeliah said...

Great fix that top is the perfect addition to this look, saved it to my ispiration folder. I need more breezy looks for this hot weather!

Nika said...

cute top and belt

labeautifulvie said...

That necklace is really gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Hey there

Just came across your blog a few days back. Wanted to tell you that you have a great style and i am almost jealous of the gems that you have found while thrifting. I have gone through a lot of your outfit posts and loved all of them.
I am gonna be a reglar visitor from now on:-)

Academichic said...

This outfit is fabulous! I love everything about it, it's simply gorgeous! Glad you gave that mustard top a second chance! S.

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