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London was Dope

I've been missing this blogger thing... First it was too hectic, then there was no internet and now my camera won't upload to the computer I'm using. If you're reading this, I suppose it's been fixed... Good stuff...



Jacket? indentify, Winners
Jean shorts? Abercrombie, Winners
Tee? Mossimo, Target
Purse? Winners
Sandals? Hushpuppies, Style Sense

So, London was crazy fun, I'm in Holland now, safely tucked away from any hustle bustle in a country cottage, so my mind and wallet can recharge. But it was so good to see my old university friends (um, they're not old actually) and spend some quality time. Love those kids...

Three impressions of London

1. Two and a half days are not long enough in London. Yes, we wasted some time shopping and napping (and they were great) but every corner reveals something new to be discovered and since there are a lot of corners... this may take a while. Oh yeah, and take an extra liver, these tend to get damaged as there really is a pub on every corner.


2. The V&A Museum is a great date. There is so much to see (I only checked the fashion and jewelry exhibits and there was sooo much more to be seen) and it's free. And taking a date to a museum is very cultural, chicks dig it.

I forget who is on the left but the right is some hot Halston.

3. London is expensive, very expensive but mostly worth it. Even though the pound is weak right now, you have to remember to double the price of everything to get the Canadian equilvalent. The worst example is that we paid 15 pounds for a water, vodka, lime at a upscale, but really not that impressive, establishment. I fully realize my $2.50 drink days of university are behind me and I'm fine with paying $5-10 for a drink. I'll even pay $15 if you make my drink pretty, with fruit garnishes and fancy plastic animals... That way I can play with the plastic toys while I'm waiting for service. But $30 for some vodka in tap water is crazy! Ok, end rant!

All said and done, I can't wait to go back though. But for now some R&R in the Dutch boonies for me...


Rachel H said...

I think it's time for Jeff to take me to London town :)
Happy (belated) anni btw. Cheers to many more! Have a great rest of your trip!

Kyla said...

That jacket is dope :) Have fun!

Linda said...

I saw your post and went like this "I HATE HER".
Tell Matt I will take your car for a spin around the block so that when you come back it actually starts for
Sherri talked to me on facebook on Monday saying she wished I could have come with you...yeah right, like that would have been possible. I want to see pics from the wedding as soon as you get them, I hope Kees gets my card and I promise I will be slightly skinnier when you get back (I've already started last friday). I miss you like I miss cake...and I really miss cake.

Unknown said...

Love your jacket sandals bag...Oh well everything. So casual, yet so chic street style :) Can't wait for more pictures of the country cottage.

Danielle said...

I'm so jealous!! Great pics!

Unknown said...

Great pics, love the last one. The jacket is superb.

e said...

Jealous! I love London and 2 days is not enough time, there's way too much going on.

I totally agree with you on the liver thing.

God I miss London.

Elaine said...

I want to go to London. Jealous! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. Now you need a vacation from your vacation!

Milly said...

cute jacket!