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Skirt? Coco, thrifted
Button-up? Ralph Lauren, thrifted
Belt? Roots, thrifted
Shoes? Jeffrey Campbell, Style Sense
Leather clutch? thrifted
Bracelets? craft booth at the Ex

So proud. Almost my whole outfit is thrifted, except for my bracelets and shoes. Though on a technicality, I feel like I could almost count my bracelets as thrifted because they are assembled from vintage paste stones.
Linda found this skirt when I chaperoned her on her first truly successful thrifting trip. I thought it was kinda cute on the hanger, I thought it was a bit better when I felt that it was cotton, the adorable factor jumped again when Linda showed me the pockets and then I finally tried it on and I fell in love. There were at least six of these skirts throughout the racks at Talize (all brand new, with tags), so I got a black one and a white one and Linda got a brown one. Once again, my smrt girl student discount took 10% off, so they were $4.50 each.
I went for a little contrast, so I paired the rather sensible shirt and belt with the playful skirt. Is it bragging if I say that I love how this turned out? The colours, the, love, love... Well, didn't love the fact that my right eye was still swollen from my incident with the killer bees, but thick-rimmed glasses did a great camouflage job. And yes, this belt is getting a lot of play, I've worn it for 4 of the last 5 outfit posts. I have to wean myself off...slowly.


Daer0n said...

I love your shoes and the skirt, very very cute, and that purse is so gorgeous!

Unknown said...

Love Love Love it, really cool color combination. Love the purse , everything is just perfect together.

C said...

Okay. I seriously love EVERYTHING about this outfit. Seriously. Everything. Cue

Kyla said...

I love, love, love, LOVE this, too. So, no. It wouldn't be bragging.

Marie said...

Beautiful crisp look! Love the way the blue pops against that white and the texture of the tooled leather bag. Fab!

Secondhand Stella said...

I love love love the bracelets and clutch!!!!!

Linda said...

You look incredible! Seriously, might just be my favorite outfit ever man. Bravo!
Remember what I did to get this skirt down and you were embarrassed by me? Can't take Italians anywhere.

P.S. I wish I had the white one :(

Unknown said...

You scored some great items! Just love that white skirt!

Rebecca, A Clothes Horse said...

You're not bragging, just stating the facts--it looks great. I love the shoes too.

Rachel H said...

love the outfit - love the skirt...mostly love the thick rimmed glasses...You look so smrt ;)

Anonymous said...

Love the white skirt with the belt... such a great contrast. I totally understand why you have been wearing the belt so much - it's great!

H to the izzo said...

This is so classic and lovely. All of it, marvelous. Love the fluffy skirt. The details on the purse.

Karolina said...

The purse is gorgeous!! I love it!!

e said...

I love the contrasts, separately the items don't match up but you really made it work altogether. Fem and masculine. Amazing.

Love your blog.

Danielle said...

Great find, love the skirt and how you paired it with a collared blouse!!

Lions, Tigers and Fashion OH MY! said...

wow, so many great thrift finds!

mariel said...

i love the look of the skirt with the simple button down! that purse is pretty amazing, too.

Kansas Couture said...

The tiered ruffle skirt is fabulous! Hooray for thrifting!

Aya Smith said...

You look so lovely! The blue and the white compliment each other perfectly!

Karolina said...

Lisa, thx for the comment :) I realy enjoy when people visit my blog :)
Have a nice day!!

yiqin; said...

Your clutch is really unique. I love it.

Boutique Girl said...

You look fabulous!!

WickedThrifty said...

no, it's not bragging. it's being honest.

you look freaking awesome.

so are you a model in "real life"? you're so pretty and it seems to come so naturally to you. lucky :P

Milly said...

very pretty!! the clutch
adding you to my blogroll

Chelsie Te(e)la said...

I love this outfit. The shirt balances the femininity of the skirt.

Unknown said...

Nice pairing of the blue shirt with the ruffled skirt. it looks great. adore your style. have added you to my blog roll

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Those shoes are wicked cool!

Ms. Falcon said...

OMG. amazing outfit. love it!!!!!

smalltownchic said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
smalltownchic said...

Love the outfit! Great pics...

Unknown said...

How long have you been a stylist for??? Do you do personal consultations, and how much?


~ Kelly Ann ♥ said...

Love this entire outfit- Super cute!

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