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Straight Jacket

niagara falls outfit 2

niagara falls outfit 1

niagara falls outfit 3

Jacket? Nicole Miller, thrifted
Tee? Mossimo, Target
Jeans? Seven, Winners
Booties? Max studio, Winners
Purse? Beverly Feldman, gifted
Belt? BR

This jacket is serious stuff. Made of good quality peau de soie with a little padding in the shoulders, I felt like I looked pretty good wearing it... Too bad I couldn't move. I could only swing my arms 87 degrees, I could hardly bring a chicken wing to my mouth and I couldn't reach up to do my hair without dislocating a shoulder. But considering I thrifted the jacket for $8, it was worth it. It's a size 2 from Nicole Miller and I am not a size 2, especially not my beefcake arms. I pity any fool who tries to steal my purse... So, the jacket is definitely on the smaller side but if I keep my movements small and ladylike, all is well...

niagara falls karaoke

Niagara Falls is such a funny place. The falls and the surrounding landscape are awe inspiring but the tourist area is way too cheesy. The falls deserve cobblestone streets and fine dining but instead, there are max museums and Pizza Pizza kiosks. You can see one of the greatest natural wonders of the earth and pose with Brad and Angie's wax figures... all in one night. We joined in on the cheese factor for the night and watched karaoke. Which is actually fascinating... middle-aged, non-descript people in their polyester and 501s go on stage and unexpectedly, belt out incredible music. I guess that was the whole appeal of Susan Boyle. Ahhhh.. the ones the record companies let get away.


GS said...

Niagara Falls is so beautiful! Your post made me laugh- totally right about the cheesy surroundings. I never quite understood why there were so many haunted house places and then there's that Ripley's Museum too right? It great and super entertaining, but it doesn't seem to quite fit lol. Something for everyone I guess?

Secondhand Stella said...

Cute outfit! The jacket is worth the uncomfortableness ;)