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Hole in the Road


shower dress 3

shower dress 5

Silk dress? Jill Stuart, Holt's LC
Peep-toes? Nine West, Winners
Earrings? gifted
Bracelet? Booth at the Ex.

I went to a wedding shower over the weekend. I had a dress picked out. A few days before, said dress was lying on the bed and one of my cats peed on it (yes, few hundred dollars later, this issue is hopefully resolved and I still love all my cats, though they can be trying rascals...). I had it drycleaned and thinking all was well, I put it on right before the shower but it still smelled...bad. I just gave briannelee (from this lovely blog) advice on what to use to get rid of mothball smell and now I have to order the Norwex anti-smelly stuff myself.

I thought black was a little severe for a daytime bridal shower but I had little choice, I had to wear a different dress. Nothing makes me grumpier than getting ready in a hurry... well, maybe kitties peeing on favourite dresses does. But all went well, my dress matched the decor theme (black and white), the bride was spoiled and everyone went home with heaps of Italian cookies (apparently that is tradition?). And I do love the dress. I bought it years ago at Holt's Last Call in Winnepeg and my friend said it was 'red carpet' and I was sold. Though honestly, I was already sold by the silk rosettes, the wide neckline and the discount.


Karolina said...

I love the dress. It is perfect!! I had the same problem with my cat... the smell was terrible :( I throw away every single cloth... cuz I couldn't stand the smell...

C said...

That is a gorgeous dress! I lovelovelove the rose hem!!

Secondhand Stella said...

Oh no! Bad cat! Let me know if the Norwex works!!!

Love the outfit!

Linda said...

You look grumpy! LOL! Too many cookies?

Kyla said...

Gorgeous dress! I love the rosettes and the deep v in the back!

myedit said...

A lot of cookies yes but not grumpy. It's really hard to do pics when the sun hits at a certain angle because I scrunch my face. I try to do the 1,2,3 Tyra but no luck. Better next time!

Danielle said...

Lovely dress, bad cat!!!! Hope the smell comes out!!