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Back to my Roots

zara dress 1

roots bag

Dress? Zara, thrifted
Bag? Roots, thrifted
Sandals? UO
Wooden necklace? thrifted
Rings and Bangles? thrifted and gifted

In order to appease my recent shopping urges and try to stick with Le Budget, I went to Talize this weekend to thrift to my heart's content. I walked away with three dresses, a leather jacket (that needs to be altered), a vintage beaded purse and a sturdy, vintage Roots bag. So, maybe I went over budget after all...
I got the dress above because I love the ethnic print. I'm not a huge fan of sundresses in this shape on me but sometimes it's ok to get out of the comfort zone.
Everytime I see my new/old Roots bag, my heart leaps a little. I love the slightly beat-up brown leather, that it's big enough to hold 43 kinds of chapstick, a wallet, a Diet Coke and a magazine for slow times and that it's from a Canadian label, Roots. I worked at Roots Kids when I was in University and for the most part it was an easy job, selling cute kids clothing to doting grandparents and tourists. It occasionally got awkward when a Chinese tourist would notice that the 'I love Canada' tee they were bringing home for their niece, was actually made in their homeland, China. Apparently though, all leather goods from Roots are still made in Canada, as was this bag. That's good! I thought it was a little pricey for a second-hand store and though the lady said it just came in and she couldn't budge on the price, she eventually gave me 15% off because I must have looked torn but in love. Combined with my 10% student discount, the bag was me. A happy ending!


Secondhand Stella said...

I want that bag! I am jealous!

amoramor said...

you look gorgeous!!!

Kyla said...

Awesome, AWESOME bag! Love the dress, too!

Linda said...

Can you really fit a diet coke in there? Yes still made in Canada my friend.
Did you finally rip apart those sandals?

Unknown said...

That bag reminds me of a letter bag from the pony express days in the westerns. Awesome bag!

Anonymous said...

You look like very nice, your dress is perfect :)

Danielle said...

What a great print on that dress!! and I want that bag :)

Rachel H said...

that's it, i'm taking you with me the next time i go to talize...

Linda said...

Ha ha! Every time I read your title, I think you forgot to dye your hair!

Unknown said...


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