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Little Bear's Porridge

Dress? Thrifted Belt? Vintage Shoes? DVF Purse? Thrifted

Some days getting dressed is a little like Goldilocks settling on a bowl of porridge.

Me 'Hey Matt, what does this look?'
Matt  'It looks nice.'
Me 'Eh, maybe not... I'm just not feeling the colour. It's like the colour makes my roots more noticeable or something. Don't you agree?'
Matt 'Um, sure...'

Me 'Hey Matt, how does this look?'
Matt 'It looks nice.'
Me 'I don't know, the neckline is a little itchy... I never noticed that before but today it's like I can't even breathe...'

Me 'Hey Matt, how does this look?'
Matt ' It looks nice.'
Me 'Ugh, the zipper is just killing me. I'm feeling kinda bloaty and I just can't handle that zipper digging into my side. Do you know what I mean?'
Matt 'Sorry, what were you saying...?'

And of course those days happen only if we're in a rush... Everything I try is too tight, too loose, too colourful, too sombre, too long, too short or I don't have the right shoes... That's why I'm happy for this dress. Originally bought kinda on a thrift whim, it does not cease to put a smile on my face. Swingy, sassy, silk and comfortable (ugh, lost the alliteration on this...), it makes me feel fabulous and more importantly, it gets me out the door almost on time....


DressUpNotDown said...

Oooh, I like this belt even better than the one you wore the first time around!

Style & Poise said...

Very cute dress and love the element the studded belt brings to this ensemble!


Porcelina said...

I can see why this dress would put a smile on your face, the colours are amazing! And it's swishy. What's not to love?!

Your conversation quotes made me chuckle, I have very similar conversations with my OH, and I have to be careful not to look at him as though he doesn't know the first thing about fashion sometimes, before I realise I'm being an absolute diva! x

Amy G said...

Haha, I love the husband and wife outfit conversation! Husbands are wonderful, but when it comes to outfit input, sometimes it would be nice to have a girl in the house!

Mimsie said...

You look beautiful, both smile and dress. New haircut?

myedit said...

Mimsie- yup, pretty new. Thought I would go short for summer...:)

myedit said...

Mimsie- yup, pretty new. Thought I would go short for summer...:)

Elle said...

I love the dress and the colours!

Unknown said...

Such a stunning dress and I love the edgy belt and strappy sandals... gives it a great overall look!

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