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Necklace? Musana Pants? Maison Scotch Sweater? Maison Scotch (crew neck here or v-neck here, both on sale) Boots? Aldo (similar in suede here) Jacket? Thrifted 

Pretty happy to see that my leather star shaped elbow patches made it unto an outfit post (second last picture!). I love this sweater but without the elbow patches, it's just a nice grey sweater. With the elbow patches though, it's a pretty awesome, nice grey sweater. 
I, admittedly, have a thing for elbow patches. One day I am going to wear my plaid shirt... with elbow patches, under this sweater... with elbow patches, and wear my wool blazer... with elbow patches, over top of it all. That will be the day I wear three layers of elbow patches and I shall mark it on the calendar as a day of achievement. 
I also like how my Musana necklace (bottom right of linked page) adds a bit of happy colour to some of my winter drab clothes. It's so easy to reach for dark colours in the colder months but we can fight that urge, one necklace at a time. Especially when that necklace is made with love by ladies in Uganda


*pictures by my brother:)


Siena in Style said...

i love that necklace!
kisses from Milano

eelsay said...

Love the boots perfect fall color!


Leah said...

Orrr you could wear the shirt backwards and then you could admire the elbow patches Bad idea? Ok.
What a nice brother to take outfit pictures for you ;)

Betsy said...

You look so pretty!

emily said...

on that day, i insist someone push you over so you land (safely) on your much padded elbows.

omg 2 comments in one week.

jentine said...

emily- three comments. One posted double. I feel real special:)

Unknown said...

dear santa,

we want everything!!

cake & valley

Catherine said...

Great outfit! It's nice to see your smile again :)

KDot said...

Those are some pretty kick ass boots!

Anonymous said...

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