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Dress? Diane von Furstenberg, thrifted Boots? Aldo Hat? Banana Republic (similar here) Purse? Thrifted

I think if you are a serious thrifter (or Serious Thrifter, if you will...) finding a vintage Diane von Furstenberg would be a pinnacle of your thrift career. I want to say I found this silk-blend, vintage DvF but alas, it was one of my friends who found it a few years back. I was with her when she found it and there was a little wave of jealousy. Worst of all, I jokingly said to another friend that I hoped that the dress didn't fit my friend, so she would pass it on to meeee...
And then, when she did try on the dress and didn't like the way it fit on her, I felt so terrible for ever saying that!!! The dress ended up with me and I tried to soothe my guilt by trading all my best finds back to her. Thankfully, I had found a brand new Banana Republic wool cape that time, so I had something really good to give back.
Sadly, I haven't even worn this dress that much (last time was here, there was snow!). Part of it is because the silk jersey is delicate but also because the fit is a little awkward. I belted it this time, hiding about 8 inches of extra fabric at the waist but I think I need to just commit and take it in and hem it up. I'm very careful not to make rash alterations decisions on my good vintage but after two plus years of owning it, I can't claim I am being thoughtful. I'm just being lazy. 


Unknown said...

You look amazing as usual! Love the dress!

Julie VH said...

I left my phone at home so now I have to tell you publicly that I love you and the dress you're wearing. And the hat. The hat is good too.

laniza said...

Ah, that blue is amazing!!

Unknown said...

That is a gorgeous dress!

Jennifer said...

You are beautiful! Great post :)

xo Jennifer

Dawn said...

The dress looks gorgeous on you! The blue is stunning.

Ayessa said...

The dress fits you right! You look gorgeous. :) And I also can relate on wishing that a gorgeous item won't fit a friend, but I guess that's normal(?).

Handbags and Purses said...

She looks amazing.Love the bag and the tights.

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