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Caped Crusader



Cape? Thrifted Purse? c/o Jess Rizzuti (here 20% off with promo code zutifam2012) Tunic? Thrifted and altered 
Boots? ? , Holt Renfrew Last Call (similar here) Beanie? Roots (here) Cuff? Auction

A wooly, wintery, white cape is not only an alliteration, it is also an awesome thing. My brother may have made a quiet snide remark about me wearing a blanket, but that can't snuff out my enthusiasm for this cape. Besides its wolly, wintery deliciousness, I like the cape even more because of the details. Like the big pockets cleverly designed right into the arm holes. And the fact that the whole cape has leather piping, even along the inside. Sigh. I just love little quality details. They make me want to derail every conversation so I can show you the inside of my clothing and you can admire the handiwork. Lucky you, I have a blog, so I can keep conversation derailing to a minimum.
And speaking of quality... this purse. When Jess Rizzuti offered to send me a purse, I did an unabashed happy dance. I honestly felt pretty special; like the last girl standing getting a rose on The Bachelor but actually more special because this purse and I will be together longer than any of those reality couples. But seriously, every one of the bags in her collection is beautiful. They are manufactured in New York, made with a conscious effort to be low impact on the environment and did I already mention, beautiful? And when I said I was going to keep conversation derailing to a minimum, I lied. Because if you see my purse and I out together, I will make you touch the leather. Like butter....


Unknown said...

That is one sexy cape! At first I didn't notice the leather trim but after reading, I went back and checked it out.. Love it!

Anonymous said...

That cape is exquisite!
I have one on my thrift wish list.
Found last year but it was too small. A child's perhaps?
Thank you again for continued inspiration for thrift fashion.

Texas, where it's finally cold enough to wear a wool sweater!

Jennifer said...

Boys don't know anything. That cape is fab!

xo Jennifer

Cats Pjyamas said...

Those bags are so GORGEOUS!

I've been following your blog for a few years now (from Ontario and with cats) but only got a google account recently to "officially" follow you.

That cape is a thrifty find.

Catherine said...

A fitting cape for our heroine!

Candida said...

That cape is amazing! Looks like something Grace Kelly would be wearing in an old movie. Sexy boots too....Meow!

Unknown said...

Love the cape paired with that hat. So chic! Love that you made the cape the focal point by keeping everything else black. I have a

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Unknown said...

That cape is awesome! Don't listen to brothers - they are pretty silly. I have two and they always make comments on my outfits.

Also, those boots? So badass! You look amazing as usual!


Unknown said...

OMG, that cape is amazing!!!!

myedit said...

Cats Pajamas- Thanks for making it official:)

Vanessa, Take only Memories said...

Loving the cape! I really like capes in general but they seem somewhat unpractical and not that warming to me. But I've been wanting to get one for ages!

Betsy said...

That's the best cape that I have ever seen.

blue roses said...

i must admit, i am not one for capes, but that one is gorgeous! love the detailing and the luxurious wool.

Anonymous said...

My hubby teases me about being a super hero when I wear my thrifted cashmere cape, but I ignore him as I know I look waaay better than him! Yours is a beaut. I think it's impossible no to look utterly chic in a good quality cape. :)

ROR said...

Epic and elegant all at once

Handbags and Purses said...

This is a really hot look. Love the bag too.

compradora anonima said...

the cape is amazing