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Just Fine


Jacket? Tahari (tweed and leather version here) Jeans? French Connection (pricey but similar here) Shoes? Ash Bag? Vintage from my Mama Sweater? Mexx, thrifted Sunglasses? Moschino (here)

I think it's fair to start off any post about a weekend in December by saying 'What a busy weekend!' (I know, this post is on a Thursday and I'm talking about last weekend, but sometimes you just gotta backtrack). It's like the Mayans might be right about this whole 2012 thing and we need to make sure we all see each other this month. 
Last weekend was particularly busy because my friend and I spent a day with Help Portrait. I had never heard of Help Portrait until my sister-in-law asked me to come out to help and you don't say no to family. Here's a link that fully explains Help Portrait, but basically, it's a day set up to give individuals and families in your community who might not ordinarily be able to afford to have their portrait taken, a chance to be in front of the camera. 
My friend and I spent the day doing make-up. And... I'm not a make-up artist. I certainly enjoy playing with make-up and the spackling of my own face but I am by no means a professional. I was a little nervous and my hands might have had a little shake at first. And in case you were wondering, shaking hands do not make make-up application any easier. I'm so glad someone lent us a complete Arbonne make-up kit because the professionalism I lost with my shaking hands was made up for by having a real impressive kit laid out beside us. 
And we ended up doing just fine. And having an amazing day. The participants were pampered, the photography set-ups were a calm and fun place, the photographers got some amazing shots and the excitement was palpable as people waited for their pictures to print. 
If the Mayan calendar is wrong, I really hope to be able to be part of Help Portrait again in 2013. Next time, I'll leave the nerves at home...


Unknown said...

What a wonderful organization! Growing up, we never had any kind of professional family portrait taken because it would have been too expensive. I'm sure the experience and final product means so much to the families you worked with last weekend!

Leah said...

First of all, you look sexy in those sunnies! And love the pants.

It's great to find opportunities this time of year that can help others enjoy the holidays as well!

Jennifer said...

beautiful bag!

xo Jennifer

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

That is amazing! It is so nice of you to volunteer and help out people.

Unknown said...

What a really awesome organization! That sounds like such a fun time.

Also, I'm loving your satchel!


Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Love the last picture of you here, you look just gorgeous.

PS - read your acorn vs French beret post (lol!) and the newest DVF thrifted dress (damn, I wish I could see that BR cape ;)