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This Last Year

I can't let the 2 year blogging mark go by without a look back on some of my favourite looks of the last year. I think it's interesting to look back (you too I hope...) to see how my style has grown and to remember what was happening in our lives at that time. It's also interesting to see through my flickr account that my picture size has slowly crept up over the last year. At this rate of growth, My Edit posters will be available at a Walmart near you before 2012.


Sometimes I have nowhere fancy to go so I just go fancy somewhere. (post here)


I love the contrast of the lace skirt against the blousy silk top. The pictures on the baseball field inspired me to look back on my extensive baseball career and fondly reminisce about it in this post. (post here)


When I thrifted this dress, I thought I would do my usual trick and add a brown belt and some sandals. Instead I knotted the hem and pinned some brooches to my bra to give the dress some shape. And bam!... this polyester got special. (post here)


High waisted pants and a perfectly beaded vest worn backwards. Stop me before I harp once again about the happiness that is thrifted sequins. (post here)


I just wore this dress for my 2 year rambling post. I don't know what life will look like for me 5 years from now but I suspect there will still be silk wrap dresses with a chance of leopard. (post here)


A bubble hem trench on an autumn runway. (post here)


Anytime I can wear sequins around the brother-in-laws is a good day for me. There is nothing quite like bantering over my fashion choices with a glass of wine in hand. (post here)


I bought this dress on 50% off day at Value Village with the intent of selling it to a consignment store. And then I tried it on and saw my butt in the mirror. (post here)


I wore this to a wedding in our family and we were not only on time for the wedding, we were early. Family, good time management and a favourite skirt made for a wonderful day. (post here)


This is the first time I wore tights with shorts. I admit, I am at times, slow to catch on... also evidenced in the fact that I only joined twitter a few months ago. It's also fitting that I include an outfit with my (and Nadine's) favourite and oft-worn plaid shirt. (post here)


I liked the thrifted Diane von Furstenberg dress and Matt liked that this guy took my pictures. A happy marriage indeed. (post here)


A full midi-skirt with hip pockets... It took a bit of courage to wear this out of the house but I love how unexpectedly elegant it looked. (post here)

I'm trying to pick a favourite but I'm having a hard time... Do you have a favourite?


The Suburb Experiment said...

My favorite is the one on the baseball field. It's still in my inspiration folder!


Jameil said...

Wedding outfit, bubble trench and paisley dress are competing for most awesome! I also love the hat in the first picture! I need it! Never you mind the fact that I have 2 off-white or cream hats already. Never you mind.

From Suns To Moons said...

The blue DVF, though I've always been partial to vivid colors and the way they can brighten one's complexion.

Dee said...

I LOVE the last picture with the full skirt. Maybe it took courage for you to wear it out, but you look totally old-school glam. Such a perfect outfit, and not just because you're wearing my fave colors ;)

dimi said...

Well... the hottest is the one with the nice-butt-dress, the cutest is the wedding-like one, my fav is the animal-print-lolita-dress and the one to remember is the 60's-skirt-and-gloves-Hitchcock-blonde style. Did I help at all??? And happy 2-whole-blogging-years anniversary to you dear!

Artfully Awear said...

My favorite is the multicolored sequin jacket outfit--love the colors and blue bag! Loved revisiting your faves!

Looks and Books said...

I adore your Burberry trench and the low-backed wedding outfit, but really, they're all fantastic. Also, your hair always looks good. How do you do that??

Anjela said...

The high waisted pants and sequin vest worn backwards--amazing! All of these are gorgeous, but that one stopped me in my tracks :)
(also the DfV blue dress-stunning on you!)
Happy Blogaversary!

Raquelita said...

You really are a genius. And your butt does look seriously great in that dress.

Jamie said...

I have to admit that my favorite is the outfit on the baseball diamond... because that's the day I... FOUND YOUR BLOG! I remembered it instantly for that reason.

I also really love the knotted dress in the next pic, it inspired me to do the same thing to a dress of mine with fab results.

Keep on bloggin!

Katie Dodd said...

Fantastic retrospective! Love it! And I think you picked almost all my favorites! It's good to know we have the same taste in your style. HA! Happy Thursday.

Rachel H said...

baseball field, wedding outfit or highwaisted+sequins.
Deeeeeelightful :)

brittneynikkole said...

Have to go with the blue dress as my fav. It looks amazing on you. Plus the huge smile makes the pic great.

suzanne said...

ok, favorites:

the hat in the first picture. old lady hats are the best. the BEST.

the multi-colored sequin jacket over the olive pants & denim shirt. so unexpectedly awesome.

and the shorts with the tights! i love that look! it's super trendy right now, and in 5 years you may be wondering what you were thinking, but you pull it off! it's flattering on you and just super duper cute!

have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Impossible to pick a fave. This post has reminded me how unbearably chic you are, Jentine!

Nicole Martin said...

Sooo I just discovered your blog a few weeks ago, and this post confirms that you were a smart add to my bloglovin' reader!! I'm very impressed with how much you thrift and how great it looks - you got a great eye :) I can't pick a favorite either, but the 3 that stand out to me are the dress that you knotted & pinned, the sequins with the brothers-in-law, and your outfit to the family wedding. All are amazing though, and I look forward to more!!


Emily, Ruby Slipper Journeys said...

Wow... I'm new here, but all these looks are fantastic! Looks like you've had a productive two years!

Blue Piano said...

my favorite is the thrifted dress with the brooches and knot hem. its so innovative! that dress is a knock out and i was surprised to see it was mostly due to your own alteration

Natalie said...

Images 2 and 3 are BEYOND aMAZing!! Love love love, could be in a magazine! I'm so glad you did this recap! I'm a fairly new reader of your blog, and I really enjoyed this little outfit journey! Congrats on your anniversary, looking forward to the next year! OXO Natalie

Kate said...

I just discovered your blog and I want to say that it is truly an inspiration, and that because of your blog, I am trying to get out there more with my sense of style, and learning how to thrift.

Thank you.

Emma at Daily Clothes Fix said...

I love the shorts and the bubble-hem coat and the brooches on the dress. So it would appear that I can't pick either.

Nadine said...

You know it's true, I'm all about the tartan. LOVE that shirt. In fact, if Sequins were 'versing' Tartan, I would unhesitatingly be on Team Tartan. (I just can't use the word 'plaid'. I'm from New Zealand, OK?)

But my favourite ensemble here involves the brooch-pinned dress. Genius!

Nana Erin said...

The knotted hem. It was a stroke of pure genius, my friend. <3

Elisabeth said...

Congrats! I love this retrospective. All of your outfits are so inspiring. Here's to many more years of My Edit!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the wedding outfit (because I would love to wear it!) with the baseball field outfit and the consignment dress in a close second and third. They are all great though Jentine!

silvergirl said...

Sometimes I have nowhere fancy to go so I just go fancy somewhere

Best line ever!

Alana said...

LOVING your style! Loving them all! Just found you and glad I did.
Love, a fellow Canadian fashion blogger:)

E. Michelle said...

the blue dvf, the wedding outfit, and the sequined brother-in-law disapproved ones are my faves.

Nuha said...

I love the way you pinned the second outfit..genious! I am a thrift store lover too..and your right the sequined section is the best!

WendyB said...

Great pix, great outfits...I think that last skirt matches the pants I was just wearing.

Colleen said...

I liked this summary. I also got a kick out of remembering the posts/pictures so then it was like I must be paying attention when I read blogs (sometimes I wondered if I was.)

Maria said...

High-waisted with sequins or shorts with tights. Can't decide.

But all your outfits are great!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on two years of blogging success. My favorite is the dress from Old Dog, Same Tricks. The photo is stunning.

Fierce Fabulous Fit said...

The dress you knotted was absolutely brilliant!! True proof that it's ok to make an outfit work for you, rather than only wearing it one way and feeling bad about yourself when it "doesn't fit right." I love that you made it work on your body and it looks hot, girl!!

Samantha said...

Great outfits, you have amazing style! You are great at mixing patterns and textures, I applaud you. :o)


Emily said...

What the hell woman??? I think I just fell in love with you again. who knew that was possible?
You are a huge inspiration to me and definitely in my top blogs that I MUST read. And I'm always excited when I get a new comment from you about my boobs :)

kelsey said...

You are so fabulous--and skinny!

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

The gold skirt and striped top post (in the baseball diamond) is still one of my favourite posts EVUH (that's 'ever' but like, in bad grammatical terms.., you know? YOU KNOW? .. No?...)

And for the record, I remember ALMOST all of these posts (yes, I'm THAT loyal) except two I believe. NOT BAD. NOT BAD AT ALLLL.

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

jenn~the stylish housewife said...

OMG...the pinned dress that's also tied up...LOVE IT! and your hair looks lovely! i MUST try both!

the stylish housewife

Renée said...

You have the CUTEST style! Love it! And I love love love/am addicted to thrifting as well. Just found your blog....can't wait to catch up on your posts! xoxo

Caro said...

Oh what a fabulous sense of style. You encompass the elegance of the classic trends with a fun, modern edge too. I love it.

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