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Jacket? Thrifted
Sequin Sweater? 2 b Rych (?), Winners
Plaid shirt? Winners
Jeans? h&m
Boots? Modern Vintage, Winners

'Tis my favourite time of year. And it has nothing to do Valentine's Day... though I've always had a soft spot for sparkly hearts and chocolate induced stomach pangs... But even better then over priced red roses, are the end of the winter sales. Since this blog started, I have changed my shopping habits a bit. Mostly because I thrift so much, I find it harder to spend on new clothes unless I am getting a great deal. And right now, hidden behind racks of new spring merchandise and heavily decorated with red tags, lie some good treasures.

Especially Winners is a happy place to be. Shopping at Winners is an exact science to me and this is the time of year where things get interesting. Like throwing mentos in Diet Coke interesting... It's getting to the end of the season and the prices are good but Winners and I go way back and I know there is still a red tag or two to be added. I am currently taking chances on some heavily reduced designer shoes... they have multiple size 10s and with that buffer, I wait (though I was unwilling to play the Winner's Game of Chance with this sweater) for more red tags... Don't worry, I keep it normal. I would never press my nose to the store windows, watching the Winner's employees with their pricing guns, going up and down the aisles doing the further reductions. I just follow closely behind, breathing over their shoulders...

And if you are in the handful (I have big hands) of people taking on 30 for 30... I apologize for pointing out that February is the best shopping month. But I give you an extra high five for committing to the challenge and not shopping through out. Don't worry, I am doing your share of economic stimulation for you this month. I shoulder great responsibilty every day.



Jean said...

LOVE that coat!!

Greetings from a fellow remixer :)


In Kinsey's Closet said...

You look so cute here. I love the striped shirt :0)

Unknown said...

I'm the exact same way as you with Winners! I used to work there and I was the head of the markdown team..I LOVED it because I was always the first person to go through the sale stuff...and of course I too would wait and wait for things to get marked down...and I knew the markdown schedule by heart so even after I no longer worked there I still knew which week new markdowns were being done, and which week the already reduced was going to be further reduced. Goodness I LOVE I live WAY too far from one (2.5 hrs to be exact..haha)

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Kileen said...

i actually just went to the thrift store this weekend and found some great deals. i have to agree, thrifting is pretty awesome. :)

i love the sparkly sweater on you and it looks great layered over the plaid shirt. keep warm out there!

cute and little

Sarah said...

I'm totally there with you and am doing my share of economic stimulation myself.
Oh and did I mention you look awesome. Yeah you do.

Dylana Suarez said...

I love your coat so so much!


Hannah said...

I love the juxtaposition of the casual shirt and fancy sweater.
I'm 7 days into my first 30 for 30 and keep seeing amazing shoes to buy - luckily in Australia at the moment, we don't have sales!

Rose said...

Sweet merciful heavens, that sweater is made of win. sparkly, sparkly win. I love how you've paired it with washed out jeans and plaid. And I prolly shouldn't even SAY anything about the coat. Aw, hell, its delicious. There. I said it.

Good shopping, there, you!

zeldahopper said...

Love this look! So dang cute!!! I love the door you are in front of... Is it your home?

From Suns To Moons said...

I had always thought that January was the best shopping month. Mind=blown. Thanks!

Destined For Now said...

A sparkly sweater? Love it!

Nadine said...

I really like everything about this.

(I am a card-carrying member of This Particular Plaid Shirt's Appreciation Society.)

Anja said...

lovely outfit! I adore the coat and that sweater was the right buy!

Very stylish, as always!

-- said...

I think the layering of the plaid and sweater is fabulous! It really draws my eye in.

- T (giveaway day!)

Allison said...

Loving that fur hood. I also love the end of winter sales. Thanks for reminding me now I want to go shopping haha.

myedit said...

Zeldahopper- if this were my home I would not be thrifting but staying at home in bed eating bonbons and drinking champagne. It's a church door but I would take it home in a second!
Nadine- I think of you whenever I wear this shirt... so, I think of you a lot. Seriously, I know it makes it to the blog a lot but I wear it so much more then just that!

christina said...

Bring on those red tags.

What do I have to do to get my hands on those amazing doors behind you?!

Nana Erin said...

These pictures are GORGEOUS! That snow is so clean and white and the outfit is perfect!

laura said...

what a pretty sweater! the sparkles looks like stars :O

The Suburb Experiment said...

I'm participating in the 30 for 30 but I'm not sure how long I'll be able to hold out on not shopping. You're right - this is an awesome month for deals!

I want to know how you layer a sweater over a button up and not have it look lumpy.


FutureLint said...

Glad you nabbed that sweater - it's so pretty and reminds me of the night sky! That coat is awesome too - I love how fat the trim on the hood is!

Natalie said...

Your coat is amazing! What a score!! Happy Monday!! OXO

. said...

Oh I was WONdering what you put in those giant coat pockets. Freakishly large manhands was actually my first guess.

sparkles + plaid forever

Secondhand Stella said...

Love your winter coat!

I found a few good things at Savers last week... I just have been lazy about posting them. Let's see... a French Connection wrap dress, 2 lace tops, a big silk scarf, and a bright yellow sweatshirt.

Louise Mc said...

I love this time of year for sale shopping too, when the real bargains come out to play.

silvergirl said...

I am in love with your gray sparkly sweater
We don't have Winners here and i never even heard of it until i started blogging
Super cute look you have going

megannielsen said...

Do lots of shopping for me honey, i'm in that 30 for 30 crowd :)
Also i love your coat

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic coat, and the backdrop is pretty wonderful too.

Laura said...

Oh I love that you paired a sequin sweater over a plaid shirt! Great mix of dressy and casual :)

Kate said...

Oh how I love winners! So many amazing things to be found! Though my last couple trips were flops, I must admit. I no longer play the game of chance, as I have learned too many times over that move fast there! But you are probs safe with the shoes! Fingers crossed that you come out a WINNER! ;)

Kaija said...

Amen! This is my fav time of year for bargains and you are spot on about Winners. I have been coveting a red wool coat this winter and found a fabulous one at Winner's this week for $50 (marked down from $150)...and just in time for the cold snap :)

Footwear said...

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Unknown said...

I love your outfit! The boots and coat are really cute, can't wait for winter to arrive!
I have to try your tactic of following the employees with the pricing guns :D had no idea sales are getting even better as the day goes by!

Anonymous said...

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