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Just Right

Sweaters? Pink Tartan, thrifted (and then DIY'd...) Leather pants? Vince 
Shoes? Guess, thrifted Clutch? Vintage (here is a great one) Pics? Julie

As a young man (4 years old?) aptly described it, this is my... balls shirt. I pinned a picture two years ago with giant pearls sewn on a sweater, and I said to myself  'I will do that one day...'. One day being over 600 days later but... I did it! And I took my time so that I actually liked the result and didn't waste my time on a DIY that I would be bored with in a week. Also, I thrifted this top quality Pink Tartan sweater and I would be really mad at myself if I ruined it with some weak DIY. 

It took me three times to figure out exactly how I wanted to sew on the pearls. The pearls I first used were too big, the next time I didn't like how the pearls were secured and then I didn't like how the pearls cascaded down the sweater. It wasn't until I cut apart a vintage pearl necklace to sew on the smaller beads that I was happy with the result. 

 I was like the Goldilocks of pearl sweaters; it took me a few tries to get it 'just right'.


Marie said...

so fabulous I want to collect baubles.

Marie @ In Our Happy Place

DressUpNotDown said...

At first I thought it would be uncomfortable when sitting against a chair, but looking at your side view picture it looks like you kept the pearls up higher in the back.

Move over spikes and studs...pearls have gone tough!!!


Little House of Haute said...

The BeDazzler be dull compared to this chic alternative. :) Love this idea.

jannatul12 said...

that clutch is very unique ♥

Leah said...

You did an amazing job with the placement of those pearls! I can only imagine how long it took you!

Wilma said...

Fabulous idea. I've had my cashmere jumper (sweater!) munched into by a moth (why is it always the good stuff they go for and always right at the front!?) and may try a version of this, hmm! x

cherie at said...

Love your style. That green dress is fabulous! I can't believe you sewed on the pearls to your sweater - that is amazing and I love the result. I will be visiting often.


Lindsey A. Turner said...

This sweater is brilliant! I love it! I'm wearing a pearl encrusted sweater on my blog today too!

Thrift and Shout

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