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Holiday Launch

(Pic 1, dress SOLD// Pic 2, necklace SOLD, skirt here// Pic 3, necklace SOLD, skirt here, top here)// Pic 4, dress here// Pic 5, dress SOLD)

This is the special time of year when you can go to the grocery store dripping in sequins and no one bats an eye. Everyone just assumes you have a most fabulous holiday party to go. But you don't. Your holiday party is the next day and you just wanted to be over-dressed a few days in a row. Because you can...:) 
And to celebrate that most special time of year, I'm putting out a holiday collection of very pretty things over on my Etsy shop. I think I wrote in one Etsy posting (it's my very favourite in a collection of favourites...and it's on hold so I can't link it) that sequins are my love language and we can extend that sentiment to really anything sparkly. Hence this is basically a collection of things I love. Minus cats though... Can't sell those on Etsy and you should adopt anyways... 

On a side note, I actually celebrated one year with my little shop this week and I have many feelings and thoughts on that (that I do hope to share soon! Feelings and thoughts just take so much energy and focus to write...and deal with) but the best part of making a go of my dreams has always been the support of people who really don't have to care (ei. anyone besides my mom and Matt) but have been cheering me on along the way. As always, thank you, thank you!

And also thank you to Michelle and Chrissy (get on the internet so I can link you!) for all the help with super fun props, fabulous hair (minus my root situation which will be dealt with shortly) and the best cat-eye make-up I have ever had in my life...

final9 final10
(Pic 1, dress (SOLD)// Pic 2, dress here// Pic 3, necklace here and pins SOLD// Pic 4, necklace (Beautiful Czech crystal necklace not on Etsy because its age is controversial, email me if interested, $120) // Pic 5, green dress SOLD)


The Suburb Experiment said...

Oh my gosh that sequin dress in your Etsy shop! I wish it was my size!

Rebecca Jane said...

"sequins are my love language" = #mylife

DressUpNotDown said...

The Green velvet dress! I am soooo sad that I can't have it. :o(


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