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Top? Marshall's Skirt? c/o Pippa Lynn (hereShoes? DVF Earrings? Bebe 

 What you can't see (what I forgot to photograph...) is that this shirt has a cut out back too. Cut out shoulders, cut out back, fringe and a slight hi-low on the skirt; so many trends, so little time. This outfit didn't quite feel like 'me' but I really liked it!

Not that I have some defined vision of what a 'me' outfit is. I guess lately it's been my worn denim shorts and an orange Holland tee tucked into them. And then Holland lost the game in the semi finals yesterday so we took down all the flags off the cars and packed away the patriotic shirts for another two years until Euro Cup. Of all the sporting events, I probably get the most fanatic about soccer (and then Olympics). There's a big part of me that thinks sports' worship is so dumb and then next thing you know, I'm looking for face paint at Target. I'm tired of the heartbreak though so next time I may not join in on cheering the Dutch. Who am I kidding? I look good in orange...;)


ThriftyParka said...

You look amazing!!! Looooove that outfit! Orange shall rise again :)

DressUpNotDown said...

First photo in, I was thinking, "Whoa, she looks reeeeally thin! Too thin!" Then my brain figured out what my eyes were looking at. What an extremely flattering skirt!

Anonymous said...

I normally don't care at all about sports, but I love the Olympics!! I want all the medals.

Anonymous said...

That's it - there's the proof - you are getting more amazing with each day. ! :) Beautiful post.

Anonymous said...


myedit said...

Yup, semi's... my bad...

Anonymous said...

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