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Miss (Mis)Match

Dress and jacket? Vintage Pants? Mother (here) Bag? Thrifted Boots? Franco Sarto, thrifted

Not going to lie, I was pretty proud of this outfit. The boots are a new thrift store find and though I got them for $13, the original Winner's tag for $130 was still stuck to the sole. And speaking of Winner's, I found these Mother denim jeans there for a steal of a deal and they are black, snug, comfy and wonderful and I wear them very, very often. I've worn the ballerina-esque dress before in one of my favourite outfit posts and I was pretty pleased to pair it with this super worn army jacket that is tagged as being from 1954. I have tried to sell this jacket in the store a few times, but I always take it back home because I can not bear to put a tag on it and actually sell it. 
This is what I love about getting dressed; ripped jeans, boots, a leopard bag, a dance costume (?) and an army jacket should not work together but somehow they all just do... And maybe they actually don't work together and in 2037, I will look back at this and laugh but I'm willing to take the risk;)


Anonymous said...

Great look! Love the jacket


Cheryl Tucker said...

They work perfectly! You look fabulous! Peace! Cheryl

The Suburb Experiment said...

They totally work together! That jacket is fantastic and I've been on the lookout for a dance costume ever since you featured yours the first time.

Jeannie Marie said...

Such a sassy outfit! I love the overall look 100%

Unknown said...

Love everything about this outfit! I have fallen in love with you jacket and need to find myself one!

The Style Roll

Anonymous said...

absolutely and always works together. SUCH a great jacket. -eika

DressUpNotDown said...

Keep taking risks girl, you nail it every time!!!!


Unknown said...

This all comes together so well! You look so badass, but the ballerina shirt brings in the perfect touch of feminine! Keep rocking it, lady!


Sara said...

They definitely do, i love everything about this. that jacket is so lovely

Unknown said...

OMG, you need to hang on to that jacket!
Loved the outfit so much I might just copy you XD

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