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Mad for Plaid


Plaid links; blanket scarf here and here// vintage cape, options on etsy here and here// plaid scarf/poncho thing in first pic (I wore it as shown and also as a large scarf over my bomber jacket) thrifted but it's also here and here (this one is reversible, double the fun)

It didn't feel like it when I* was hauling my suitcase up and down those tiny, steep, twisted dutch stairs but I did a fairly reasonable job of packing to go to Holland. It's like I've gotten much wiser over the years and realize I should just bring classic, easy to wear basics and a few quirky pieces for flair (Office Space reference for Matt...). 
The basics were pretty... basic. Them being basic and all. My pants were skinnies in different washes and rises and my tops were grey tanks, tees and sweatshirts and oversized denim and plaid shirts. I layered with my custom boiled wool cardigan from MYC (I like dropping the fact that it was custom because it makes me feel highfalutin), my leather bomber and a fur vest. I pretty much wore my black knee-high flat boots everyday because they hit the sweet spot between looking very pulled together and walking on a cloud. And then, of course, I added plaid flair like it was nobody's business. 

I didn't mean to wear something plaid everyday but I started to notice a trend (starting in my selfies...cough) and I went with it. Plaid is autumn in a fashion nutshell anyways...

And yes, I am superficial enough that I wish I could have some amazing outfit pictures of me in a beautiful vintage dress standing on a European cobblestone street with autumn leaves swirling about my designer shoe clad feet. But we had other priorities, like family and wine, and so I'll save the fancy vintage dress outfit pictures for abandoned places in Hamilton and rock the cosy plaid while on vacation.

Not that plaid is ever a bad thing...

*to be fair, sometimes others offered to help and I graciously allowed them.


Anonymous said...

Love this! Love plaid! Have a great weekend!


Unknown said...

You in plaid..what a dream. Every look is so effortless but damn so perfect that I wish I could borrow or steal every plaid item and even your basics because they're perfect as w

Sophie said...

You can never ever go wrong with plaid.

Franziska said...

I think the real pictures are much better than fancy schmany dress pictures all over europe. my family is all in germany, and I know when I go there it's all about comfort...mostly because I'm busy eating all the cheese and carbs ;)

gleeps said...

What a perfect travel wardrobe you came up with, Jentine! I hope you felt like a million bucks because that's what you look like in every single one of these great outfits. Bravo!

DressUpNotDown said...'s just my favorite. So each and every photo in this post is my new favorite!!! :o)


EngineeredPerfection said...

What about that awesome animal print bag? Share the details on that! I love the pattern mixing!


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