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Skirt? Thrifted (similar on Etsy  here or here) Jacket? Zara, thrifted 
Fluffy vest? Vintage re-make from Modify Your Closet Clutch? Thrifted Earrings? Vintage, Once Again Antiques

Matt came to help me with something at the shop this weekend and I left him to shop-sit so I could do some shopping and get a last minute birthday gift. And while I was birthday gift shopping at an antique shop on the street, I saw these big ol' sparkly earrings* and I ended up sneaking them in with my other purchases. I figure if I make purchases on the street that I have a shop on, it's not really shopping, it's supporting.

The vintage digging I do at Revolving Closet is relationship building, not buying more dresses than my closet can contain. The candles I buy from my neighbour are a business expense, not an attempt to make my house smell like I've been baking cinnamon buns while, in fact, I was probably passed out on the couch. And the copious amount of fajitas from the two Mexican restaurants on Ottawa St. that I survived off of when we were setting up shop? I don't have to explain that because that was just ridiculous... awesome.

*There was one more pair similar to these at Once Again. They are blue and white, $35, for pierced ears and quite comfortable. Just thought I would share that, in case you were the kinda person who enjoys a little sparkle;) 


Frannie Pantz said...

Mmmmmm fajitas! And sparkly earrings. Loves it. I also love this outfit. A lot! But I cannot Pin it. I think it is a new thing with Flickr because I have not been able to Pin anything from blogs that upload their photos with Flickr. Do you have a Pin It button you could add or something?

Style & Poise said...

I styled my maxi dress I wore this weekend very similar to this! Love it! :-)


jentine said...

Frannie Pantz- Ah crap... Lemme look into it. Flickr, why you so mean?

Rebecca Jane said...

Love the sparkly earrings and the flowy plaid skirt = fantastic

Lindsay Newton said...

I wonder how my boss would feel if I took the rest of day off to go and make that remaining pair of earrings mine? Shopping emergency = legit excuse.

Miranda said...

Floor length plaid skirt!

And don't forget "the lattes I order at Cannon bolster the business of an establishment that brings foot traffic to the neighborhood."

Terri said...

I do sneaky purchases all the time! Usually if I need to buy a bunch of things off Amazon, I'll also throw in a cute scarf just for me. Those earrings are lovely.

Anonymous said...

That's definitely supporting! And girl! this look is definitely editorial, you could see this on a magazine literally, love it!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

jentine said...

Miranda- I know!!! The skirt was meant for the shop but it had holes I couldn't fix... So I just snagged it;)
Also, sadly I am a crappy Cannon supporter because I don't drink coffee or tea!!!
Lindsay- You may have to beat Lisa Hannam to get them;)

FabEllis said...

Love this! That jacket is gorgeous!

Kayla said...

Not sure I could love this outfit more. Oh, maybe if it came in maternity?

atasehir said...

good skirt

bashashhazbaz said...

yowza! love this outfit! that tartan skirt rocks!

Sara said...

You look beautiful- this whole outfit is great.

mispapelicos said...

Looking glamourous in the snow.
Your personal style is a inspiration.
Definitelly following you inmediately.
have a dun weekend.