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Locked In


Faux fur coat? Vintage (similar hereTop? Vanilia Jeans? MiH Jeans  (here, I paid a lot less...)
 Necklaces? Thrifted (a great showy piece on etsy here) Hand knit turban? Available at the shop

Organization is not something that comes naturally to me. We can debate whether it is nature or nurture but either way, it's something I have to fight for. I put up a good front, I Instagram the good stuff, I shut the door to the mess when company comes over and I keep the store constantly re-merchandised and in its place but really, deep down, I am a hot mess waiting to burst forth. I leave a trail of dirty dishes, receipts, clothes and apologies in my wake.
That said, I know that being organized will make me feel a lot better and will make many aspects of life run a lot smoother.
When I started the store, I actually stumbled upon a lot of 48 bins of vintage online and I took a chance and bought them. Those bins plus the vintage I have since accumulated means that there is a lot of stuff in my life right now... So much vintage that needs to be sorted, cleaned, mended... I just want to get to a place where my product is ready to hit the floor in an organized manner. I'm not kidding myself, I know that running a shop is a giant learning curve and I'm probably always going to feel like I'm playing catch up... but I just want to feel more in control.
So... right now I take a day a week, where my track pants and I are locked in the house and we set to work putting things in their place. I don't even allow myself to run to a corner store to get beef jerky. Come spring I will be busy, busy, busy so I want to have things ready to go once this deep freeze releases us. I will say this, metaphorically locking yourself in the house with good food and a good playlist leads to getting things done. I want to, one day, be an organizational machine (hahahahaha, ok then...) but for now, I am happy to be on the road towards that goal.

Oh yes, and this outfit? Clearly not worn on a day of self imposed house arrest. I was out of the house and wearing a ton of lipstick like a free bird...

****Freezing and fabulous pictures by Shelly Spithoff Photography


bashashhazbaz said...

i love your outfit! that bling is awesome!

Dana said...

wow - I am so in love with this look! that coat is AMAZING!

Jessica said...

I can't even begin to imagine the excitement of rifling through 48 unknown bins of vintage! I'd probably have a mental overload in the process. Also, these pictures are beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Psh if all that snow was falling, I would be bundled up inside in my jammies! Haha You're looking good girl!

xo Jennifer

Thriftanista in the City said...

Hang in there! Your coat us awesome!

DressUpNotDown said...

Organization, clutter, ugh! Those are the reasons I didn't get out my fur coat this year...didn't want to add to the clutter than I'm still trying to organize! So I'll just enjoy looking at yours and know it's waiting for me until next year.

48 bins of vintage...EEK!!! What treasures you will surely find!!!

Zuba said...

I like your outfit. great jewelry!

Unknown said...

Absolutely love this outfit, you look amazing. Organization is hard, especially when you take on such a big responsibility like OWNING A SHOP! I'm sure you have learning curves, but you're creative, smart and obviously self aware that you need to spend more time trapped inside getting some shit organized so I know your store will just be more and more successful. <3

Karli said...

GORGEOUS photos! How beautiful.

Red said...

Do you have ads in the local rags--"I buy estates, specializing in vintage clothing, jewelry and collectibles"?

I assume you do, but honestly, when I had a vintage shop (several years in the late 90s-early 2000s) I got so much stuff walking in the door from those ads I never had to do auctions and such. I went out to appts too and that was the most fun of all, because sometimes it wasn't the typical estate sale--the owner of the goods was just old, very much still kicking and wanting to unload. That included such beautiful stories and remembrances. I treasure my memories of those sweet old ladies. One sold me her grandmother's gold wedding set from the mid-nineteenth century; my husband and I are wearing them now. Of course, I still have a bad ankle from the time I twisted it and fell whilst carrying about 75 pounds worth of vintage cashmere sweaters and coats...but it was all worth it. I think you have a lot of fun and wonderful times ahead of you. :-)

Unknown said...

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