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Shop Selfies

photo 3 (2)
(Rag and Bone pants, thrifted crop sweater)

I get to get dressed up for work! After years of landscaping, this is really exciting to me... Maybe one day I will bore of picking out clothes but right now I am having way to much fun waking up and getting my fancy (or sometimes not) on, on a weekday no less! And even though I have been dressing up, it's been hard to get outfit pics between the business and that setting sun. Happily for blog content, I have been taking change room selfies at the shop
I wore this for the first opening night party. Still a sucker for a crop top, even in this bitter cold... 

photo 3
(Vintage jacket, sweater from Modify and c/o Le Canadienne boots (here)

Melanie and Vito from Modify, who have been so helpful and generous to me as I was starting the shop, came to one of the opening nights and gifted me this drapey sweater that Melanie had sewed up just that afternoon. I love it and it's a great layer to wear to the shop because there are some drafty spots in the shop and I am always cold....

photo 1
(thrifted blazer, Joe Fresh pants (here) and Cole Haan shoes)

I think it's such a fashion blogger thing to have exposed ankles on cold winter days. And it was a little chilly on those exposed centimetres (understatement...) but I regret nothing. 

photo 2
(Acne jeans, Le Canadienne boots and vintage sequin jacket (one on etsy or this drool worthy one here)

There is not much commentary that needs to be added here because that sequin jacket needs no words...;)

photo 2 (2)
(Helmut Lang jeans, thrifted sweater, CR necklace and my awesome Stepcat toque available here; both in my shop too!!!)

I got these Canadian made Stepcat toques in last weekend and so I had to make sure my outfits for the next few days matched because there was no chance I was taking my favourite new hat off my head. I'm a little biased because the toque is available in the shop but the toque and its giant pom might be the best thing ever. 

photo 1 (2)
(Vintage Perry Ellis sweater (really similar vintage version on etsy for a great price), Acne jeans and Le Canadienne boots again...)
And this is my face when I think someone is about to bust me taking a selfie...

Don't worry, real outfit posts are coming up soon. I miss giving a real camera some over the shoulder smoulder...


Stella said...

You're killing me, Smalls. I have like...a million crop tops that I'm too chicken to wear, and I want all your sequins.

Merl said...

I miss your magical mirror and your perfect little shop full of impeccable goods...... and maybe you.


Secondhand Stella said...

Yes, that sequin jacket is amazing. LOVE IT!!!

Leah said...

I will never tire of looking at you and your amazing outfits!

The Suburb Experiment said...

I expose ankle to potential frostbite too - I don't blog anymore but maybe it's a holdover from those days? Now I'm going to have to brave some crop top!

I love seeing what you're wearing - I need some cold weather style inspiration. It's my first winter in actual freezing weather and the winter style guides written by bloggers in LA aren't really cutting it. ;)

Ladies in Navy said...

this is lovely! love the high waist and crop top!
ladies in navy

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a blast trying on all those amazing pieces! Send me that sequins blazer!!

xo April

Cristina Marie said...

I have the same problem with not being able to shoot pictures of my outfits! I rush out the door in the morning to make my hour long train ride and usually don't get back until close to 8! When I can I do the awkward mirror selfie..but it doesn't allow me to fully capture my outfit and present it the way I'd like to. Any suggestions?!

Cristina Marie

Kayla said...

Love this. I vote daily shop selfies for all! =) Your style is so wonderful and unique. I love it.

Jodi said...

look at those outfits!! sure look awesome!!

What about setting up your camera and tripod almost like a photobooth in your shop and you could also take photos of customers in awesome outfits???

xoxo if I ever come to Hamilton I will for sure visit your shop!!

Bethany ~ twoOregonians said...

I just wanted to leave a note and say that I've been so enjoying following your blog for the past month (+/-). I discovered you thanks to Shana at ANMJ, and I love seeing snippets of your style and the story of your new shop. I'm a landscape architect, and I love that we have a shared background <3 Enjoy Christmastime, and all the best to you in the new year xx Bethany

Rebecca Jane said...

So much outfit goodness, seriously!