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Little Greyish-blue Riding Hood


Cape? Sisley, Modify Your Closet ( for fun a similar vintage (pricey)YSL and a much cheaper similar version that seems to have a waiting list?) Boots? Holts (similar here) Clutch? Thrifted Cuffs? Vintage, auction

Another cape!
My love for capes has been well documented on this blog but I think things stepped up to a whole new level with this one that I bought off credit at Modify. Because IT HAS A HOOD!!! Capitals totally necessary. 
I love it so much. I am a sucker for a dramatic piece. When I wore this, I felt 1/3 chic, 1/3 like an extra in Lord of the Rings and 1/3 like I belong in a horror movie...


...because kinda creepy, no?

Too bad all my chic/fantasy/creepy outfit fractions really meant nothing after my nephew saw me and told me he liked my Snuggie. Impudent young whelp...


Anonymous said...

I love this cape! I can image you felt a little Lord of the Rings with it on - but that's what fashion is for. Taking inspiration from anywhere and making it your own!

Secondhand Stella said...

Ha! I think your "snuggie" is pretty fabulous ;)

Anonymous said...

A hooded cape? Yes please! Such a fantastic way to stay warm and chic, it's a fabulous addition to your colecction!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

FabEllis said...


DressUpNotDown said...

No! He did not! What do impudent young whelps know anyway? I may have banged my face against the screen trying to get a better look at you otherworldly awesomeness!!!

Rebecca Jane said...

Snuggie... haha. I do love it though, have to say!

Tabet said...

Great pictures and a lovely outfit! The cape looks amazing. :)

Katy Rose said...

Yay for capes. I'm all about them! And those boots - oh-la-la!!

Little Tree Vintage said...

wow this cape is gorgeous! i love it on you

Anonymous said...

Oh that cape is just beautiful! Love the color the length, everything! Looks great on you! Home For Handmade

Chilel Aissitou said...

Your nephew is hilarious. If I may add you also look like a super vilain...I absolutely love capes and I so want yours!