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Style Steal

Crop top? AA (here) Skirt? Thrifted (by Merl) Necklace? Vintage (from Merl) Hat? h&m
Purse? Thrifted Sandals? Flat Sandal in Vaqueta Cuero by MTNG c/o DNA footwear (on sale!)

Giving credit where credit is due... This outfit is a complete rip-off from Merl. I drove down to Chicago and walked into Merl's apartment where I met the impeccably dressed Karyn and reunited with Merl, flaunting an Angelina leg in her thrifted skirt twisted to the side.
I was all like, 'girl, where'd you get that outfit?' to Merl as I went around and gave every cat and human in that room a hug.
That's how I ended up braving American Apparel to get the exact crop top Merl had on and then dug through her clothes pile to later wear her skirt too. I also borrowed the necklace and the Egyptian style bracelet from her jewellery display and topped it all off with my own hat, purse and sandals. At least I brought something to the table...

And of course, I, like Merl, had to flaunt the Angelina leg every chance I got. Which was all fun and games until I decided to take the stairs into her studio a few at a time (bigger steps= more leg) and somehow got my foot caught in the hem of the skirt. If it had been a slow motion sequence in a movie you would have heard three tiny pops as the three safety pins fitting the skirt to me snapped open. And then you would have me, in underpants, standing in the stairwell of the studio space with my foot stuck in the skirt which was now on the ground.

I don't know why this stuff happens to me. Probably to help me out with blog content.

(*Thanks to Merl for the pics! I totally screwed up when I transferred them over from her and lost some of the sharpness and I don't want to bother Merl again because she has more important things to do than babysit my computer confused self. Bah! Just saying that the slight blur is my bad, not Merl's. She is a champ.) 


Anonymous said...

Ok...I'd wear every piece of this outfit! Love it! So perfect for this Chicago humidity!!


Frannie Pantz said...

*STANDING OVATION!!!* Love the dress. Love the photos. Love that you braved AA--truly a victory. And your Angelina Leg skirt is gorgeous. I don't want you to feel bad about the stairway situation. It did make good blog content and I know with your talented seamstress ways you'd be able to fix 'er up in a jif! Not to mention, it happens to all of us. I somehow ripped one of my gladiator sandals a couple of weeks ago on a car seat. Yeah.

Anonymous said...

This look is summer perfect! Love the cropped top, you totally nailed it, looking so stunning an bohemian. Yay to Merl for it!

Cee. ♥
Code Overdressed

dani said...

You look amazing! So very Diane Kruger-esque! You rock that crop top like it's nobody's business, lady!

<3 The Daily Dani

Nina Piccini said...

Beautiful look and great story!!

xo Nina

Greetings from Texas! said...

Looking good girl, blurry or not. (And their not even blurry!) Hope you had fun in the Chi.

Anonymous said...

CUTE...gypsy girl meets bohemian chic

Unknown said...

The outfit looks beautiful on you both and now I want copy the AA crop top trend, it's just so perfect. You're gorgeous. Move to the U.S.

Jessica Cobb said...

You look stunning! You make me want to dye my (very) dark brown hair blond, srsly.

Also, I have seen about 1,000 skirts like that at the thrift store and next time I'm going to buy one for sure.

And that necklace...I die.

Leah said...

This outfit (and that leg) are incredible! Great photos.

Jessica Arnold said...

Beautiful look! Love the skirt

DressUpNotDown said...

The slight blur looks quite artistic. :o)

Unknown said...

I really like the boho vibe of the look.


Unknown said...

You look utterly amazing! That skirt is so cute!


WendyB said...

OMG, the underpants story! Too funny!