Circle Skirts for the Win

Jacket? Tahari (here or pricier but amazing leather version here) Skirt? Handmade 
Boots? Aldo Clutch? Thrifted

When I did a round up of my favourite outfits of the last year, someone questioned the absence of the look with this circle skirt that Julie and I made for the WWYCT contest. I guess it wasn't included because I don't consider anything a legitimate outfit unless I wear it out in public. And since we just shot those pictures in an abandoned art room, the skirt wasn't up for consideration. I have some pretty strict rules for myself. It's important to keep up standards when awarding oneself  with 'Best Dressed' awards...
But now that I have officially worn it out, it's definitely a favourite. Especially when I put another full skirt underneath. Because a full circle skirt can only get better with more volume. Seriously, get a circle skirt, they are a joy to wear. This one is a beaut. Or nag me and Julie to start a production line...



Sophie said...

I wish you'd make me one of these skirts haha!

MisisD said...

it is truly a beautiful skirt!

Jennifer said...

Agreed. They do win!

xo Jennifer


Kat said...

That commenter was ME!! OMG, I'M FAMOUS!!!

I LOVE this look. LOVE IT. If you started selling skirts like these, I would totally buy one.

donnapinto5@gmail.com said...

I love this skirt. Think i need to practice my sewing skills :D.. You look gorgeous!


Siena in Style said...

this skirt is gorgeous!!love the colors
kisses from Milano

Kate said...

That skirt is absolutely incredible! I have no words. I mostly just want to type Love! with a million exclamation points! (...!!!!!)

Sue @ A Colourful Canvas said...

Brilliant! You look so, so pretty in this outfit. A little edgy, a little soft, so you.

I was half expecting to see bangs, given your recent twitter tweets.

Sue xo

TSaSP said...

The skirt is lovely, especially like the print! All the more awesome that you made it yourself!


Kendall said...

Absolutely in love with this skirt and the whole look here from head to toe~
xo K

Miche said...

LOVE the way the skrit flares out! Its beautiful!


Terri said...

How fun it must me to spin around in that thing all day!


Rebecca Jane said...

For the win indeed! That skirt is super pretty!

Unknown said...

That skirt is absolutely gorgeous!!! Great job.
Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful!


Franziska said...

I can't believe you made that skirt. It is so beautiful...makes me want to get all crafty on some fabric and make my own.

Unknown said...

That skirt is seriously amazing! You and Julie are great!


Linda said...

Seriously, if you go into production with this skirt, we will all want one. To for it!

Melina and Meg said...

Looks gorgeous, and the bigger the better when it comes to circle skirts...

Ladies in Navy said...

beautiful skirt!
kw ladies in navy

Unknown said...

Pretty skirt..You looking beautiful just like an barbie doll

Lucy said...

That skirt is stunning. Beautiful job!

Leah said...

So glad you ladies won that contest, it's such a beautiful piece of art!

www.Fashion2electronics.com said...

nice shoes and the dress


auroeta art gallery said...

What a wonderful skirt!!! Amazing!
Love it.

Greetings from Germany
Dana .)

Suzanne said...

Thought you'd like to know...I loved this look so much I have included it in my Friday Top Five Favourite outfits for the week. Keep being stylish!


Jaya Pratheesh said...

absolutely brilliant paint work on the skirt. it looks stunning on you... great job!

JennaStevie said...

This a really amazing skirt, I can't believe you made it!! So gorgeous! Especially with this awesome jacket

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