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Giving Thanks


 Sweater? Thrifted (similar mustard or peach) Pants? Joe Fresh (high end denim version here) Boots? Winners

Almost every Thanksgiving weekend, we go away somewhere with Matt's family. It's a fun tradition. Matt has a big family. There are a lot of adults. There are a lot of kids. When we are all in the same room for a meal, it's just an explosion of noise... and sometimes food too. 
Dinners with my family are a totally different experience. It's probably foolish to characterize a family with just one word, because there would be a desire to add an asterisk and an explanation for everything, but in general, I could call my family reserved. Let's just say, I grew up eating pizza with a knife and fork...
For our big Thanksgiving meal this weekend, my parents got invited to join in the celebrations with Matt's family. And they sat at the giant table (with room for about 35 people) and felt right at home in the middle of madness. Because that's what it's like with Matt's family. As long as you can handle the volume, they make you feel like you belong. 
And so I'm thankful for family. My reserved family. Matt's boisterous family. And how I'm blessed to be a part of both of them. 


hes said...

It is really great when you get to be part of a family completely different from yours. It lets you appreciate all that you're blessed with all around. :)

Kristen said...

First, I LOVE your outfit! That sweater with the color of your pants is perfect! So glad y'all had a great Thanksgiving, family is the best ever, and that's so awesome both families got to collide! I celebrated my first Canadian Thanksgiving ever on Monday! :)

Marie said...

Such a fabulous vintage sweater!

Roxanna from Wholesome Hedonist said...

I love that I am surfing Cupcakes and Cashmere, seeing Emily look perfect in Prada heels and a designer dress, and then I come here and see you in the aqua sweater my grandma knitted for me in Grade 3. Love your quirky and fearless style, and especially the colour pairing here. Rock on.

Rejeana said...

Great perspective! My family is different from my husband's as's fun to be a part of both and not compare them to each other. "As long as you can handle the volume..." -- that's a great quote that I'm sure describes a lot of our families! ~R.

Jennifer said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

xo Jennifer

Unknown said...

Glad you had good Thanksgiving! Love the blue sweater!

Unknown said...

Glad that you had such a good family with your families! :)

I love that sweater a whole lot! Perfect for that post Thanksgiving food baby. :P


Heather K. said...

That sweater is kickin' it! I am just loving these fall posts!


Emily said...

stop trying to make me cry!

The_Leather_Skirt_Blog said...

What a wonderful story!

When you are with family you should feel welcome!

Melody said...

That's exactly how my family is. Big and boisterous! That is so sweet. Family really is the best, isn't it?