This Week We Thrifted

Last weekend Elissa, Jessie, Pamela (from Market Publique) and I co-hosted a little thrift tour in Austin, TX. The weather was spectacularly crappy and as much as that was a bummer, I think it ended up working in our favour. I mean, if it had been sunny and wonderful, anyone travelling from a colder climate might have preferred to soak up every ray and skip the tour. As it turns out, thrifting is the perfect rainy day activity.

(Jessie and I sharing an umbrella and a moment... picture stolen from Megan)

We boarded the two rented buses and headed over to Savers. The people at Savers were beyond sweet... They gave us space, coupons and even had a table of food (food... which on this weekend was the most prized possession) ready for us when we walked in the doors. I was a little nervous because as much as I believe there is always something worthwhile in every thrift store, would there be enough good stuff for over 70 people? I really hoped that the people on the tour who thrift all the time would learn a little something they didn't know before and take home a successful haul. But I especially hoped that people who never thrift would get over some of their inhibitions and see that thrifting is fun. When I write 'thrifting is fun' I start to picture cheerleaders and pompoms spelling it out for us but as cheesy as it sounds, thrifting really can be a lot of fun...

(Judging by the amount of Savers bags on the way home, one could assume it was a success!!)

The best part was hearing the stories of the participants and seeing their best finds. Some people wore their finds straight away on that same weekend! Sigh... I love the joy of thrifting...

thrift collage
(clockwise starting in the top left corner, Kirsten, Diana,  Merl and Sofia)

Kirsten told me she had always had a problem getting into thrifting because it can be overwhelming. And then she probably walked out with the biggest bag full of finds. Finds I would have punked the second she turned her back.
Diana hadn't been thrifting since she was a child but might have to get back in the habit, especially after finding that pretty, pleated, pink, polka-dotted skirt. Say that 10X fast...
Merl accepted her fate as president of the Cat-Lady Federation with grace and said yes! to the multi-coloured caftan...
Sofia bought a wool, houndstooth Ralph Lauren jacket as my urging. Who am I kidding? I yelled at her... The jacket had horsehead buttons, it needed  to go home with her!

And that, my friends, is a thrift tour... Let's do that again sometime!


Girlinapanama said...

Fabulous, you look as if you had a whale of a time!!!

I'm all for thrifting girlies!

Esther xx


Girlinapanama said...

Fabulous, you look as if you had a whale of a time!!!

I'm all for thrifting girlies!

Esther xx


Natasha Fatah said...

Looks like so much fun! Next year I'm joining you guys! :)


jas said...

so fun, I wish I was good at thrifting!!


Please may I? said...

Looks like great time was had by all.

X x

Kirsten @ Triple Max Tons said...

This was just so much fun - and the best part is that everyone walked away with some killer clothes. By far one of my fave parts of TXSC. Thanks for all the thrifting tips!

Sandy a la Mode said...

i LOVE savers! we live down the street from one!!!

Sydney said...

I admit, I've never heard of a thrift tour but it is a fantastic idea. How did you organize it all, especially with the rented buses?

Unknown said...

What fun and such a fantastic idea!

Joanne M said...

haha, you did yell at Sofia...I was there!

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

Check out that haul! Sounds like you all lucked in :) What did you find?

And hey, I’m hosting a give away… Come check it out!

myedit said...

Joanne M- That's embarrassing that you had to witness my crazy..:( haha!

Unknown said...

Aaaah that's awesome, wish I could join you guys for the tour!!!

xo Jony
SHOUT-OUT to you

Sofia H. said...

Thrifting with Jentine pretty much rocks.

The Frugal Fatshionista said...

Thrifting with you guys was a total blast. Thanks for including me in this post! I am really loving my pretty, pleated, pink polka-dotted skirt!

Frugal Fatshionista

Meredith said...

Oh my gosh, that looked like so much fun! Jealous. I love thrifting, but it would be so much better with a busload of friends and people who also loved it!


Market Publique said...

It was so fun to lead the tour with you! And happy to finally meet you in person! Hope to see you again soon.


- Pamela

Anonymous said...

*gasp* You were in Austin? I wish I had known. Austin is my home and hometown.

I love Savers! Glad it was a success!


Anne M Bray said...

I had sooooo much fun on the Savers adventure! My boyfriend even got in on the 20% discount and found 2 pairs of shoes and a gig shirt.
I have so many "new" things (that actually fit me) and my spring wardrobe has gotten a huge boost. All for under $60. THE BEST! Let's do it again next year!

Christina said...

Together with my sister, we always enjoy thrifting at Savers our favorite thrift store.

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